Reaching for Purpose

To say that I understand in any complete way what I am going to get into here would be an overreach. I don’t. Understanding comes little by little, but if we are paying attention, a picture begins to form that is recognizable before it becomes complete, and sometime well before. I think that is the part of the process, and is where I am with this idea. I am starting to see a little clarity come into view.

To start, a quick question: Why are we always starting over?

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We have established a new priesthood, not after the order of Levi, and certainly not the order of Melchizedek, but after the order of Luther, and, after that, pick your flavor of preference.
We have done any and all of the things those who came before us did, and we have made all their mistakes, including Adam, those at the tower of Babel, the children of Israel, the Pharisees, the early Church, and on and on.  Have we owned up to that?  Wait… we are better than them, less prone to errors, more enlightened, stronger.

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