Lorensen Thailand Update – May 2017

One these days we will get a more professional family photo:)

The Thai summer break for Geshem and Iris is coming to a close. Next week Iris will start Preschool Level 2 and Geshem will go into grade 4! We were elated when we got Geshem’s first ever standardized test scores back last month. Even though we know that standardized tests aren’t the best indicator of skills or knowledge, we were amazed that Geshem scored around 17 percent higher than the national average in 2 of the 3 areas tested. We are so proud of who he is becoming. He has strong academic skills, as well as social emotional skills. He is a good example to us, his peers, and his sister:) Continue reading “Lorensen Thailand Update – May 2017”

Leaving the Path

A lot of times when people think that others have left the path of the Lord, what is really happening is that the other people are actually just no longer pacing with them, or they have been led in another direction. We see ourselves as the standard of what it means to follow the path of the Lord, but we are not.

Let’s be gracious to others and not impose ourselves as the standard of what it means to follow the Lord and keep pace with Him.


 The book of Jude is one of my favorite books in the Bible… I really relate to his urgency and concern. He doesn’t mince words, but comes straight at what he perceives as opposing to the Lord and His work in the lives of people. He wants to make sure that we are not deceived, unwittingly accepting influence from wolves in sheep’s clothing. I have a lot of respect for him, because he senses our weakness and extends himself, sending an alarm. Today, many may think of Jude as an alarmist, but I think of him as a friend, and a faithful one at that.

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Juarez May 2017

We had a good time in Juarez… Team was solid and relationships were meaningful.  Great to be re-united with some friends we haven’t seen in a few years. Thanks to those who went and those who received us… the road is long and the hours also, but, it was completely worthwhile.

Much appreciation to the folks at Juarez House of Prayer for inviting us, and also to our good friends at Punto de Encuentro Fellowship for having us back.  Always a blessing to be with friends. We were able to capture a number of Leadership Moment podcast episodes while there, so watch for those coming up soon. Continue reading “Juarez May 2017”