5 Levels of Leadership

Some years ago, I came into contact with the idea of 5 Levels of Leadership, I believe through a “cassette tape”… remember those? 🙂 To my knowledge (and memory, haha) it was an audiobook by John Maxwell, entitled, Developing The Leader Within You. Even tho it was years back, I haven’t forgotten it. It has helped my perspective on leadership and influence since that time, and has helped me understand more about how leadership works.

Recently I had an encounter that reminded me of this concept, and discussed it one of our core team members. I pass it on here, in hopes that it will add to your growing perspective and worldview on the subject of influence, authority and leadership.

At the time I initially encountered the 5 Levels of Leadership idea, I have to admit most of the authority I was familiar with (and was operating in) was level 1. Surprisingly, that was no discouragement to me. I was happy to find out that this was a good place to start and that you could only grow (or go up) from there.

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Nicaragua Nicaraguita – Update February 2019

One of many volcanoes in Nicaragua… Photo taken by “good friend” as we were heading north on the PanAmerican Highway.

A good friend and I have just returned from Nicaragua, where we spent a week visiting and affirming friends and brothers, intending to encourage them of God’s goodness and nearness to them in the midst of difficult time.  This title comes from a song that is sang in Nicaragua, and it is sang there as an expression of affection.  Nicaraguans are proud of their country, heritage and have a hope for good things to come.  Let’s join them in that hope.  As you likely know, violence and bloodshed gripped the country in the Spring of 2018, with much loss and damage reaching on a far scale.  While estimates vary, it seems 500+ were killed, thousands wounded, and several hundred are still unaccounted for.  This is not including those who are currently political prisoners. (To read our post from the time surrounding the eruption of violence in Nicaragua in 2018, click here)

We knew we had to get there to stand and show love to those who are dear to us, and weren’t sure what we would find, and what danger was looming…

What we found, in my opinion, was a country in trauma.

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A Key Message for Leaders

Recently a close friend sent me this content.  It doesn’t belong to me, but, seeing the embed option, I figured it was created with the intent to share.  It is from a conference that was recently held by an organization that supports churches and ministries.  I want to encourage you to watch it.

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Leaving the Path

A lot of times when people think that others have left the path of the Lord, what is really happening is that the other people are actually just no longer pacing with them, or they have been led in another direction. We see ourselves as the standard of what it means to follow the path of the Lord, but we are not.

Let’s be gracious to others and not impose ourselves as the standard of what it means to follow the Lord and keep pace with Him.

An open letter to my brothers and sisters

Contending for the faith once delivered – James

The Standard of Expectation

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War, coming soon to a coast near you…..

trumpsWar is now, and greater war is coming. Many cannot see it. The war that comes will push out all the middle ground. There will be very little DMZ, and what demilitarized area there is will not be fixed ground. These battles, as with all, will have there ebbs and tides, but the time will come when there will be no place to hide from the battle that now seems so far away to many. How will we prepare ourselves?  We can look around to witness what is considered by many to be very turbulent times. This shaking is minimal.

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Have you thought about this New Testament Leader? – LM0156

Aren’t we often drawn to the popular or well-known leaders? Listen as Scott McClelland shares some insights from an unassuming New Testament leader with a lasting legacy. And take a minute to share your thoughts with us too.

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Y vino la Palabra del Señor

Una búsqueda rápida en línea reveló que en el Antiguo Testamento la expresión: “y vino la Palabra del Señor” es usada noventa y tres veces en la versión “New American Standard Bible” (Nueva Versión Estándar Americana). Comenzando con Abram en Génesis 15 y finalizando en Zacarías, el último libro antes de iniciar el Nuevo Testamento. La descripción de este tipo de comunicación cambió del Antiguo Testamento al Nuevo Testamento, pero la comunicación personal por parte del Señor no se retira ni se vuelve obsoleta. En todo el Antiguo Testamento vemos que así sucede con los profetas y con los grandes personajes. En el Nuevo Testamento, LA PALABRA, El mismo, CAMINO literalmente hacia nosotros como Cristo Jesús en forma de hombre, por lo tanto, Su comunicación se vuelve totalmente más personal, directa y uno a uno.

Nada puede ni debe reemplazar este fenómeno, la Palabra del Señor, tanto es necesaria en forma escrita como también es necesaria en nuestras vidas. Esto va tanto a lo específico como a lo personal, contiene las promesas y dirección que tu y yo necesitaremos de manera personal. A menudo, en mi vida, la “palabra del Señor” ha llegado a través de las Escrituras, algunas palabras con las que estaba familiarizado y otras que nunca había escuchado. Ha habido innumerables ocasiones en que el Espíritu Santo ha destacado y enfatizado las Escrituras dándoles un significado especial y actual en momentos importantes.

La voz directa, individual y personal del Señor puede contener guianza que te pudiera mantener vivo durante una hambruna, una guerra u otras circunstancias en las que otros no son tan afortunados. También te guiará en tu contribución al propósito de tu vida incluyendo cada una de sus etapas, giros y cambios. Su voz puede llevarte a dar el máximo de ti mismo en obediencia, como también lo hizo el Señor mismo y muchos de los héroes de la fe que nos han precedido.

Hoy estamos invitados a una relación viva y a una interacción y colaboración diaria con la misma PALABRA, a través de esta relación El nos guía y nos dirige personal e íntimamente. Tal es la oportunidad indescriptible, la puerta abierta, que Jesús nos ha abierto a nosotros algo que los hombres, mujeres y niños del Antiguo Testamento anticiparon, pero que solo vieron desde la distancia. ¿Qué nos invitando a construir, a crear, a establecer y ofrecer el día de hoy? Podemos estar seguros de que lo que nace de Dios vence al mundo y estamos llamados a ser uno con El. Te animo a no solo buscar crecer en esta relación, sino también a escuchar y a obedecer la Palabra que recibas de parte del Señor.