Feeling Something…

This morning I am feeling something, not sure how to describe it.storms ahead.....

I saw photos of a young man I know on facebook, and looked thru what was available of him there since it has been a long time. While there is no way to know from such a random and spotty glance how he is really doing, it seems he is not continuing on with Jesus.

I remember him; crazy, adventurous, and young …  that seems to be continuing.

As I look at these photos I think of the generation of what is emerging; unfettered with responsibilities, wild, and pleasure focused. I get the feeling that paths are diverging farther – the general path of life and the path of the Lord.

They are getting more defined, and people are subscribing to these definitions more fully. Many are getting pulled away more deeply, into the destructive spiritual influences that are being cycled thru again….  drugs, sex and pleasure, etc., etc.

This time I see the strategy of the enemy – inviting the young to identify with the habits and behaviors of destruction in a personal way – to draw their identity from such things.

Sure this has been something that has been going on for some time now, but the percentage of wholesale identification is going up, and the sway of such buy-in is causing the effect to be more pervasive, into the lives of those who would have been marginal in the past.

The stage of a great battle is now being set, and in these times of relative calm I can see chaos unparalleled on the horizon.

We must use this time to prepare for what is coming, and to ready ourselves for ultimate conflict.  Ideas have consequences, and the maturing of worldviews is creating an atmosphere of imminent conflict.  The early skirmishes of this conflict swirl around us now, but there is much, much more to come.  The early news of casualties is coming in now…

This war of ideas will not be won easily, and it will not be something that comes to a speedy conclusion.  We must use this time to prepare, and to go deep in the truth in a way that the anchors us to the Truth Himself, preparing us to throw back successive barrages of attack that are being readied in our times.

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