liberate us

IMG00353-20090614-1725Lord liberate us, Your Church, from the officiate / spectate model of ministry! It has died, through a slow and painful death process.

should we use our limited time and resource to defend the past, or build the future?
preparing the way of the Lord is a work that uses the current time to invest in that which is yet to come….
now, it doesn't seem to me that most, or even many people are sitting around devising ways to defend the past, as keepers of this form as sacrosanct
rather, it seems that as these are the ways we have been taught, we have learned, and that these models of ministry in that they are the form of ministry that are being modeled(almost without rival!).

the generation that is arising cannot subscribe to it
they are going to be involved in something, involved in a way that is meaningful to them, and that they feel is meaningful to others.
i do see a few who are rising to the top of what is, and with their momentum they are defending the way things are, in some ways unknowingly, or as a by-product of their momentum
this is likely to cause them to resist that which is arising

how do we ready ourselves for the changes that have already happened? this change has already happened, but the established trudge on…
this part of the transition will be volatile. how can we minimize it's volatility and help people navigate this with as little loss as possible?
the people and groups that perceive this change, adjusting to accommodate it, and incorporating this new reality into their organization, these will be the groups that become very attractive to the emerging generation
shouldn't we be very careful not to be unnecessarily offensive to the generation that is emerging, and by all means win some?
if we, however, consider the current and established forms as holy, we will resist that which is emerging, and by that resistance resist the Lord Himself.
how can we be wise, and strategic, and use this momentum to serve the Lord and His emerging Kingdom?

who is like You Lord? who can be compared to You?
there is none like You! there is none like You!

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