Thoughts on the King and His Kingdom

We are translated from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of the Beloved Son when we come to faith in Jesus. Instantly, we are citizens of the heavenly kingdom, and have become strangers and foreigners in the earth.  Before this, we were citizens of the age, and trapped in the kingdom of darkness.  Believing, you become a citizen of God's domain, positioned behind enemy lines.  We walk in faith that does not originate in the natural realm while awaiting the invading force led by the rightful ruler of this world, Jesus Christ, to come and dispossess the trespassing regime from their entrenched position in the earth.

The kingdom of God is now, for all who have entered into it.  The kingdom of God is coming, for all.  For all who believe and surrender to Jesus Christ before His return, this time is given as opportunity to cooperate with the Lord and His will, and through this co-laboring gain rewards prior to His return.  For this to be effective, obedience is paramount.  Jesus moves in to rule, first into the lives of His people, and in time, in all the power and all the authority that His Father entrusted to Him.  The more complete our obedience to Him, the more fruitful our service is, and the more effective we are in our mission as ambassadors of the Lord's Kingdom.  Our rewards come as we learn the process of cooperating with His leadership.  We actually learn in this life many things that we will need to know in our coming stewardship of reigning with the LORD.

Our cooperation and co-laboring with Him, now in this time, is one of the principal ways the Lord is preparing the earth and the people for His return.  Prepare the way for the coming of the Lord!  This has been entrusted to us. What a holy stewardship!!  We need to see this clearly, and to ascribe to it deeply, if we are to enter into it in a way that honors this invitation given to us by God.

Lord we need your help!!  Help us!

With this in mind, I ask the LORD to open our eyes to see His Kingdom, and our citizenship in it, for what they are. Also, we ask for clarity of perspective about our opportunities so that we can avoid the distractions of this life. Increasingly, help us to enter this stewardship in every way, and to live our lives only for the You, our King and Your Kingdom, of which there shall be no end.

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