War, coming soon to a coast near you…..

trumpsWar is now, and greater war is coming. Many cannot see it. The war that comes will push out all the middle ground. There will be very little DMZ, and what demilitarized area there is will not be fixed ground. These battles, as with all, will have there ebbs and tides, but the time will come when there will be no place to hide from the battle that now seems so far away to many. How will we prepare ourselves?  We can look around to witness what is considered by many to be very turbulent times. This shaking is minimal.

Interesting is the number of earthquakes in various places. Could it be the beginning of the time that Jesus called “the beginning of sorrows?” The massively destructive earthquake in Haiti, an earthquake in Nicaragua on Thursday the 25th, and another today in Japan equal in strength to the Haiti quake?  If the trumpet makes an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to war? Does the trumpet that we hear in our ears during these days sound more like a call to feasting, than a call to the fight?

Recently I was in Mexico near the border of US, where the towns are in firm control of the drug lords. Some may doubt this to be true, but it is true. From our comfort chair most strategically positioned for the news channel, chaos seems so far away. Chaos, my friend, is closer than you think. As I was in this area where chaos rules, I thought of how this might be strategic for the believers there. They are getting an early introduction to the chaos that will grip the nations of the world. The rule of thugs will become commonplace in the years to come. When that happens, it will not be their first time on the dance floor.

How do we get ready for these times?

A quick suggestion…. one that I have given a few times, to mixed response I must confess.  But this is my suggestion for preparing for the times to come:  obey now – fully.

Can you, at this moment, tell the LORD that you are ready to obey Him, no matter what He asks of you? OK, so this is not a joke. Think about it now. Are you ready to do this?  Summon your courage, and repeat after me…..

Jesus, whatever you want, I am ready to obey, no matter what it costs me – no matter my personal cost, I want to obey. What do you want me to do? I say yes LORD.

Help us Lord.

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