The Establishment

establishmentObserve “The Establishment” (of human institutions) and the pressure it exerts toward compliance – it's suspicion and self-righteousness. To these things I must not react, as Jesus did not, but rather do everything I see my Father doing.

The establishment, holding the truth in unrighteousness, seeking to limit and control the truth, to prevent it's freedom and influential impact, is storing up wrath for itself against the day if wrath. This much is routinely visible.

However, we can all resist the truth by seeking to save our own lives, our perceptions and senses of right and wrong. Who can see without Your light, Lord? Who can know without Your illumination?

Help us not to join those foolish kings of the Earth whose plans and schemes are concocted to defy You. Rather, let Your Kingdom come and Your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. It shall come, without regard to who resists and attempts to prevent It.

Help us, today, to see and act upon the opportunity You have given us to add ourselves to You, and to Your irresistable Kingdom!

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