trainingThe time between when we sense or know something and when it takes place is given to us for preparation.  If we do not use this time for it's intended purpose, we will likely not benefit from the foreknowledge.

I often observe people wasting the time that is available for preparation. The things that we are called to do, our destinies, require preparation. If we know that God has called us to something, maybe something big or something far reaching, we have a responsibility to begin to prepare for it, as soon as we know.  Often it seems the bigger and more far-reaching our vision is, the longer and more difficult the preparation time can be.  Another fact that emphasizes our need for focused preparation.

I was recently asking some friends if they had heard of “human inertia.” They said they had not heard of this.  Human inertia is what keeps us at a standstill!  We can think we are making progress, but unless we act, time will pass and progress will not happen.  You know, an object not in motion tends to stay not in motion……..

What God has planned for us is going to be extremely challenging to manage if we don't prepare for it as far in advance as possible.  His ways and thoughts are higher than ours.  How are you preparing for what God has shown you He has planned for your future?

If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small.

You have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may inherit the promise.

Both strength and endurance are needed now, and ever more so in the times that are to come.  How do we build up these elements that are essential to overcoming?  We must continue to be faithful, until we master the level of adversity we are in.  Once this is well in-hand, the Lord will promote us to a new level, where we will feel out of place and overpowered for a time.  However, in time, if we do not draw back, this level will also be ours!

I remember reading a quote from a book entitled Blood of Brothers, which was about the Nicaraguan civil war / revolution in recent history.  One of the revolutionaries who toppled the government confessed to a reporter that he was still running 5 miles a day to stay in fighting shape.  This was some time after the fighting was over.  I admired his vision, though not his politics.  Once we have gotten ready, we need to stay ready.

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