thoughts of late

Where resources exceed purpose, waste is unavoidable.  Purpose makes a way for resources to rightfully be put to work.

If we have more resources, it will not make our purpose arise.  If we arise in our purpose, the necessary resources will come.


There is enough vanity around to keep us indefinitely occupied throughout the entire span of our life, and completely fruitless.  Ouch.

What if the primary purpose of this life is to give us an opportunity to enter into Christlikeness?  No matter what our final accounting is, if we pass through life and neglect or ignore this opportunity, we will utterly fail.  Help us Lord to say yes to this our largest of opportunities.

We are at the beginning, or at least the early stages of, a transition that will completely transform Christ's body in the earth.  We will become something new.  I think of Jesus' quote where He says He has come to send fire on the earth, and how He wishes that it were already kindled.  We are about to enter that fire (of transformation).

I am saddened by some things around me these days.  Wanting the best and highest for people can sometimes be conflicting.  Clearly, people have to decide for themselves what this is, and they are the ones who will be responsible for the outcome.  Lord, open our eyes and our hearts to go farther into You.

More to be added…..

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