Ultimate Times Approach

Do the lives we are living reveal that we are prepared for the ultimate times that are approaching us? Are the methods that are being used to prepare us, incomplete, or even the right ones? To this day, our faith in Christ remains a lonely appendage on a sickly body of divided focus and mingled devotion.

If Jesus walked among our lampstands today – which He does – what would he have against us?   Can you hear him saying, “I love these things about you…. but this one thing I have against you. Repent, or I will come and remove your lampstand (your visibility, your voice) to that which surrounds you. This is becuase the compromise that is in you threatens to defile and overrun the good that is coming and has come from you, overturning your contribution of blessing into destruction upon those around you that I have made you visible to.”

We are better off to have our platform of visible influence (lampstand) removed, leaving a legacy of blessing from our previous works, than to march on with increasing influence that becomes destructive and betrays our purpose, our calling, our Lord. Jesus is no less serious about this today than He visibly is in the first chapters of (His own) Revelation. Be zealous therefore, and repent, drawing near to Him for the grace to mend your ways and betray your idolatry.

Life, for the Christian, must flow from obedience to a living relationship with Jesus Christ Himself. Strain to enter the narrow gate.

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