My Trip to TheCall Detroit 11.11.11

As one of twelve, I made the venture from Fort Mill, SC, to Detroit on the Thursday prior to. Another 2 shuttle buses full of MSU students and chaperones arrived a little later.

Around 1am, we landed at a Church not too far from the main city. It was cold! We actually saw flurries! Certainly, snow was unaccustomed to Charlotte folk. Being from the midwest myself, it was no surprise, but a big deal when you haven’t had winter in eight months. Still, we were warmly greeted by two very grateful young gentlemen, Major and Matt, who worked with church youth. They set us up with air mattresses, showed us the facility, and blessed our sleep. In the morning they made us breakfast.

First it was doughnuts and juice. Matt was aware that we would not be eating for awhile, so he bought us something to tide us over. Shortly after, we reloaded the van and drove to Major’s where he and his mom made us a fantastic breakfast! Showers were available to us as well.

Food was great, but what we really enjoyed was the fellowship. It’s one thing to make the mission, quite another to make good relational connections with those you’re partnering with. It’s the Kingdom Way. Fortunately, but unfortunately we were part of a much larger group; therefore a hotel being our portion. Probably time kept us from making other arrangements.

Major told us some of what was taking place prior and prevalent to TheCall conference. He showed us some of the news that locals were reporting. There was a lot of negativity, even from fellow Christians. I’m still saddened how we believe too much of what we hear. Lou Engle has done so much to help the body of Christ and yet the bulk of fiction being received as it’s stuffed between half the fact scenarios is horrific!

On the bright side, facts were being presented from those who know and believe that what Lou is doing is just like Jesus. Those who know, delight in the fact that he isn’t anti-guy or anti-Muslim. What Lou is, and I concur, is anti-”Sin”. Sin wages war against people, but if the people wage war against sin, love prospers and people enslaved are set free. True love as we say, does not excuse sin. That is carelessness. Not only does it lead people to Hell, but it leaves them suffering a form of it until they fall into the fullness of Hell’s eternal flames. It’s sin not to stand up and preach of a true love that proclaims the truth of Who God is and His hand of invitation –  an offering for freedom and eternal life. That’s where the rubber meets the road. That’s what Lou is doing. It’s my aim as well. And no matter what people say, the good news is that Jesus died and rose again! His blood is still smothered over the Mercy Seat and you and I have access! Amen!

After breakfast, we prayed with Major’s family before heading to the hotel. We were so grateful for their hospitality. They were grateful for our presence. What we witnessed was the body coming together and serving one another just as Christ served the Church – His Bride. Let us love one another… to be continued

(Written by Ken Brooks.  For more information, and the continuation of this report, click here:  Forerunner Intercessory Missionaries link)

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