Not Broad Appeal

My message is not intended to be broad appeal… I have come to realize this.   It was troubling at first.

However, I have been given specific things to do and accomplish, and this is why.

I fear for those whose message is, in fact, broadly appealing.  Human favor is an intoxicating and bewitching thing…. and should not be approached without extreme caution.  It's power to seduce must not be underestimated.

The Lord let me know that I shouldn't worry about how many people are influenced by my contribution, but to be concerned about the individuals who are.  He is looking to have specific impact with the things He is showing me.

Your responsibility is not to make everyone like you and speak well of you.  Your responsibility is to represent the expression of Heaven that you have been uniquely created to be.  From a human perspective, this will mean that some will be honored, and some dishonored.  This is certainly true of our example, Jesus Christ.  He was, in a human sense of the word, the target of both.  Who has the stomach for such things?

We also know that Jesus, tho He loved and gave abundantly to the people, He didn't give Himself (His perception of who He was) to the people, the crowds.  The early chapters of Luke tell us this, and it also says this was because he knew what was in man.  Man is fickle, as can be clearly seen throughout the gospels.  It is because, so often, man is being unknowingly moved about by forces invisible that have a mind of their own.

We must ready ourselves to bear the Lord's yoke in this way, and also to take on the wisdom of His approach.

Jesus gave Himself to those closest to Him… “to you has been given to know the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven, but to everyone else it has not been given.”  There was something special about being close to Jesus.  There still is.

And yet He maintained His love for the large group….  He wept over Jerusalem due to their indifferent response to God's promptings.  He didn't let the rejection of others shape His love for them.

I think (and i think in this point i am more or less normal) that God sees and evaluates things the way i do…  it is a basic assumption that is very common in humans, tho it is not in any way true.  what did the old folks say?  Even a broken clock is right two times a day.  We (and I) often take occasional synchronicity to mean that we are always in sync with God's mind, His perceptions, His mood.  SO NOT TRUE.

God's mind and judgement are something other – higher and apart, and when He shares these with us, He has committed to us a treasure of incalculable worth.  We must never think that we have this down, because we don't.

I want to encourage you to relinquish yourself of the responsibility of being broad appeal, in what you are doing, and in what you are called to do.  Much peace will be the result.

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  1. Wow! This is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for sharing, Scott.

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