What does it take to recognize and realize potential?

Do you ever look at what someone else is doing – bigger than you – and say, “why am I not more fruitful… why am I not getting more results?”

I think this voice can mislead us.

How are we getting our direction, if not from those who appear to be bigger and better?

From Kenya – Pastor Mishael's daughter – Kathryn

We need good examples that motivate and encourage us to move forward and make a contribution that is akin to our calling, true enough, but getting bummed out because of how we suffer by comparison will never send us to new heights of accomplishment.

Comparison is the thief of joy, some have aptly said.  I believe this.

God's will is specific for each of us, and it should be the guiding force of direction in our lives.  Many who agree with this thought, unfortunately, never follow it.  Are you one of these? Am I?

God's will is a true guide, whether we are being led into what looks like significance, or into what looks like obscurity.  We know that God leads people into both of these, and the gratification should come from the successful following, not the surroundings we are being led through.  We will pass through both of these contexts many times as we successfully navigate the Lord's will over a life of faithfulness.

Where do we get our inspiration for advancement?

How will we decide to reach for new levels of contribution that only lie on the others side of discomfort and pain?

What are key elements that will help us get there?

Potential, the stuff of great and significant contribution, lies inside of each of us in seed form, as a virtue of God's grace.  Proper stewardship of these “seeds” will yield a harvest that goes beyond what we can think or imagine.  How can we do this?

Depth lives on the far side of pain.  So many who want to be deep run when presented with the price.  Depth, in itself, should not be our end goal, but who wants to be clearly shallow?

To access the realm of our greatest opportunity, we must decide to follow the Lord, and then we must follow Him, heading into what often appears to be personal loss.  We must develop faithfulness along the road He leads us on.  We must seek to recognize the opportunities that He provides for us to grow, tho they are often well disguised.

Jesus said no man could recognize Him without the Father's help.  This is still true.  Neither can we recognize what the Lord is trying to show us (or where He is trying to lead us) if we are forging ahead in our own strength and will, insensitive and unaware.  Bear in mind, we can live in self-sufficiency, and all the while believe something entirely opposite about our lives.  One of the worst things about deception is that you are deceived…. you cannot see things as they are, only as they appear.

Our greatest potential and opportunity is forfeit if we live like the balance of people around us.  How great will such true loss be clearly seen in the final assessment!  But in that day, we will not be able to mend our ways.  It will all be complete.  Change of course is only available in the now.

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