We can recognize a quality example when we see one, can't we?  I remember as a child realizing, through my mother's verbal instruction, that I could be a good example, or I could be used as an example of what happens to someone who doesn't!  Either way, I was going to be an example.I guess this is the way it works.  Either way your life is going to be an example…. an example of how to live, or an example of what happens to fools.  Does that sound like strong language to you?  Good thing I am not trying to get paid for this little editorial.  🙂

Bottom line is the same, you will be responsible for your way of life and the impact it has on others.  With this in mind, I have a few questions and observations I want to encourage you to consider:

Children of a Nicaraguan Village

What does it take to be a good example?

Why do many choose not to be a good example?

What is the power of example?The God who sees (what happens) in secret is the One (who rewards openly &) that our lives are to be directed by & lived toward.  This is certain.  A quality example is forged in secret, for the eyes of this One.

The tricky part of living an exemplary life actually resides inside this reality.  If you live for what others will think of you, how others will remember you, how others will observe you, you will not have the grace necessary for an exemplary life.  I know that seems weird, but it is reality.  The only way to receive the needed grace to live in an exemplary way is to live your life before God, and as unto God.  Men often only see things as they appear, but God sees them as they are, and there can be a world of difference.When we provide a quality example, not for what others will think of us, but from a place of being responsible, we can realistically expect to have a quality impact on the life of others.A few more observations:

If our example is not important to us, we are living for our own pleasure / satisfaction.

We are compelled to provide a quality example in life by our conscience and by the grace of God.

What type of example we provide will weigh in more significantly than what we accomplish in the final analysis.

What value is having high & noble ideals, if we don't live by them?

There is a satisfaction that comes from agreeing with and speaking to others of things that seem right, true, wholesome and pure.  But this satisfaction alone is incomplete, and can be actually deceiving!  In the end, you will not be judged by what you have agreed with, or what you have mentally subscribed to, but what you have done.

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  1. To do what is right for integrity life without expecting to be seen by others but to please God must be the real thing.

    Thanks for writting truely.

    God be with you.

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