Quick Mexico Update

Just a quick heads up for all you who are praying for us.  We really appreciate your prayers.

We are doing well and are in Cuernavaca at the moment.  We had the last few days in Northern Mexico, which is known for it's insecurity and violence.  Thank the Lord, and the support of His praying people, we passed thru without incident.

Two things to mention:

1.  We have had a little sickness trying to come against us, and it looks like we have punched thru the other side.  Keep us in mind in prayer on this, as we are early in the trip.

2.  Our vehicle, which, as planned, we left in Monterrey when we flew out this morning, has developed a little noise that is raising some concern.  It sounds like one of the pulleys under the hood is starting to go out.  We have asked some of the brothers there to take a look at it, if possible, before we get back.  Keep this in prayer, that we can get it repaired reasonably and not have any problems on the 26+ driving hours we will have in front of us at the end of the trip.

One more thing, we are just getting into our first location where we will be a few days.  Things have gone really well so far.  We are praying that we can be a significant encouragement to all those we visit.  Please agree with us on this.  We will keep you updated as access permits.

Blessings and grace!


Quick Coffee with Benjamin, Maya and the team.


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