What Will I Do With My Life?

What will I do with my life is a good question to ask, and to reflect on, even if you have already done many things which have set your course and put you on a bearing that you felt good being on.  In the final analysis, or, better yet, in the current analysis, what does the product of my life reveal as important to me?

So many things attempt to establish their preeminence in our hearts, as self-important and above reproach!  However, not all of these things are truly so.  It's left up to us, before God, to evaluate these things and to decide.  The Lord will surely lead us, but He will not decide for us.  That is our responsibility.  And whatever you decide your life will be about, that is what it will be about, if you persist in your decision.  Often, challenges attempt to derail such decisions that we arrive at in moments of clarity.

If we are following Jesus, opposition is guaranteed, but we shouldn't lose heart, as we are born of the One who overcomes!  We should use this certainty of opposition as motivation, and strengthen our resolve to press on.


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