No Man Will Be Led Farther Than He Can See

“No Man Will Be Led Farther Than He Can See.”  – Thomas a Kempis

This quote from Thomas a Kempis, is specifically from the work The Imitation of Christ, which stands as one of the most influential books in Christian history.  The entire text of the book is available online here – Imitation of Christ – Book – and can be found as an audiobook here – Imitation of Christ – Audio.  I recommend this book very highly.

What if The Lord has something special and unique He wants to do with your life?  If so, you will have to be careful not to go with the flow of things, because they have a will of their own.

Trust is essential, by degrees, of course, in being led. This is ongoing, and the process of being led into deeper and deeper levels of trust will continue throughout the life of the Jesus' follower.  His patience and persistence are a powerful force of transformation that words can't do justice to.


We have an opportunity to be lead by God into greatness. Again, this is greatness from His perspective, which doesn't align with greatness from the perspective of fallen man. To let go of our aspirations of greatness for it's own sake, or for selfish reasons, is one of the initial tests we need to pass if we are to get on to God's plan for our lives.  It's temptation can be avoided, but should never be considered fully overcome in this life. Vanity is also persistent in falsely espousing her claim.

It is key to understand that greatness from God's perspective looks like the life of Jesus, tho, not our romantic notions or interpretations of His life.  We have to be careful to see things as they are and not as they appear.  This takes the counsel of the Holy Spirit and should get more clear as we mature in the grace of sight that He bestows.  The life of Christ inside our lives is, I think, one thing He means to be sure we realize.  “As He is, so are we in this world” and “For me to live is Christ… The life that I live is no longer my life, but Christ's who lives in me” are examples and encouragement toward this reality.  Another, “the manifold wisdom of God is made known in the heavenly realms thru the His people.”

The way the life of Christ plays out in your life will be as a part of this (His) wisdom with many folds (manifold) or diverse manifestations and should be as unique in it's expression and beauty as you are as a part of His creation.  He wants to show off His glory thru your participation!  This is a part of the high calling that you have been summoned by.

God wants to give you insight into your future with Him and not just the future that lies beyond this life, tho this is certainly where our ultimate hope lies.  He wants to show you what He has planned for you in this life, as well.  Thru this knowledge, an invitation, or some may refer to it as a calling, will be offered to you.  In this offering, you will be shown things about your potential, opportunity for significance, and parts of the intention and purpose behind your creation.  I want to encourage you to look into these matters with all seriousness, for it is God who summons you.

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