Brave Heroes, by Anna-Sara Bergwall

(Reposted from Anna-Sara's Blog, which you can get to by clicking here.  Anna-Sara is a friend from Sweden who leads a missions school in Dario, Nicaragua.)

Posted by  on 10Dec2013

I admire courageous people. To be counted among the brave one must first have been afraid. Otherwise, it just cannot be an expression of courage, but just something one do.

When I was in my early teens, I read my very first autobiographical book; Long Walk to Freedom about Nelson Mandela, who since then he has been one of my heroes. Such a man cannot really die; the legacy he leaves will live on after him.

This weekend we ended up in Jinotepe, me and the Swedish students from Testa Mission and one of the leaders of the Mission School. We had a visit from one of my friends from Texas who were to preach in the church La Roca in Jinotepe. A visit there is well worth the trip, it is a church that has grown from 200 members to 3,000 in seven years. The atmosphere is thereafter, grace by grace and I went home with a large dose of new energy.

Our friend from Texas was the one invited to preach, but he wanted to have us on board as a team. The students who have just had a few lessons about the gifts of the Spirit and had some time to practice to prophesy now got to try their wings in a public context. And they did it well indeed!

To be involved and encourage people in a personal way with the prophetic is exciting. When we discover that God can use anyone of us mere mortals in a supernatural way, that’s when life gets a purpose that even goes beyond death.

And yes, sure, one can be a little scared. But like Joyce Meyer (inspired by Karl Barth) once said,”Courage is fear that has said its prayers and decided to go forward anyway.” Thanks to all of you who go on to new levels right in front of me – you are my heroes!

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