1Mexico2014 Trip Report – Puebla

Upon arrival at Esperanza Viva in Puebla, we settled into what would be  our home for the next five days, happy to get a longer than normal pause in road life.  Nineteen eager students awaited us, and the class to come the next morning, no doubt having heard of what to expect from our team… We have had the privilege of being here for most of the generations of La Viña in the last ten years, the school of ministry that is an significant part of Living Hope International's efforts to prepare the emerging generation for life and ministry in Mexico and beyond.  Over the next two days, training in personal words came in the form of practicals, both in the demonstration and the testing.  A young family was visiting, about to leave to return to the States, having much of their heart inseparably connected.  We turned the full encouragement power of the class in their direction.   Tears were abundant all around, as was love, which never fails.

1Mex2014Collage_PueblaThe next day the class took it to the streets under the leadership of Ken and Job in nearby Cholula.  They found new proficiency and also found abundant grace from the Lord to speak to people and touch their hearts.

As we got into our first classroom situation, it seemed to me and the others that the grace the Lord was providing was abundant!  As the preachers can tell you, when the grace is right, you can read from the phone book and people will repent and give their lives to God.  🙂

I think that strong relationships of trust and demonstrated trustworthiness can be a multiplier of such grace.  We need to show ourselves, our hearts, our motives, and a solid track record with people if we are going to be trusted to speak to them with words that carry the weight of Heaven's amen.  We should not rush this process.  We should take our time.

The students of this class (or generation, as they call it) are a special lot; very sensitive to the Lord and attentive to their instructors, both resident and guests.  From all over the country of Mexico they have come to form a special team, only for a short time.  Let's pray that the Lord makes the most of the time for them, and that they are effective in their pursuit of His will and plan in the days ahead.



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