Special Prayer Request


On the left is my friend, Greg.  To his left is his friend, Diego.  They could use your prayers.

The short of it is that they are traveling into a real hot zone from a personal security standpoint to do some research about getting involved and being helpful with the refugee situation there.

Greg has three sons and a wife.  I appreciate all of their courage in this endeavor.

Please pray that Greg's time will be successful in finding the right connections to work with on the refugee situation he is seeking to get involved with.  Pray that Diego will get the right shots to help illustrate the situation, and make it real for others, and that his cameras work properly in the harsh environment.  Pray that the Lord will give them grace and help them to see the things He is trying to show them and to act in ways that He is directing.  And I'd appreciate it if you'd ask for special favor and protection for them.

They should be back from their travels around April 15.  Many thanks to you!




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  1. Maombi Ombi

    Ndugu Marafiki katika Kristo!
    Mimi ni hivyo kushukuru milele kwa wale ambao wanaweza kusema sala kwa Sundayschools hapa katika Nordmøre katika Norway. Tunataka wazazi kuchukua jukumu na kupeleka watoto wao makusanyo yetu. Mwombe Mungu kutuma uamsho kwetu.
    Niombeeni mimi pia na familia yangu! Mungu akubariki wanaoomba!
    Ndugu wenu katika Bwana, Hans Orset
    Waziri wa 45 SundaySchools.

    Dear Friends in Christ!
    I am ever so grateful to those who can say a prayer for Sundayschools here in Nordmøre in Norway. We want parents to take responsibility and send their children to our collections. Ask God to send revival to us.
    Pray also for me and my family! God bless those who pray!
    Thank you!
    Your brother in the Lord, Hans Orset
    Minister of 45 SundaySchools.

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