2015, or what’s left of it… (Update)

Jambo / Saludos / Hello to the Brother/SisterHOOD!

Can we see now that we are 1/4 way in, what 2015 will look like?  Maybe now all we can tell is what it won't be? For me, it feels like I've been shot out of a cannon. The pace has heightened, tho, my ability to bear the pace is not at it's height of durability… but we soldier on.  Speaking of pace, I have been too busy to be very reflective of late, which has kept the pen silent, if you get my meaning.  In light of that, I wanted to pass a greeting and offer a general update.

From where I am at the moment, the year is apparently going to be highly active.  Maybe we have been building up to it for a while.  In the last 90 days I have been in about 10 different cities, out of the country once, and much has happened. Incidentally, we at FXMissions received our tax status from the IRS, which a team had been working on for quite a while. Seems like a milestone.  Appreciation to all who helped and to those who watched with interest.  Your prayers are desired. We hope to make the most of the opportunities that the Lord gives us, and not get drawn aside into worthless things.  I suppose this is a risk regardless of tax status.  Ha ha.

As I look at the rest of the year and the things that are planned, it occurs to me that I will need help to get it right (as I always do), so, I wanted to ask for prayer support.  Opportunities are many, resources are limited, and purposeful endeavor is desired.  LORD, give us guidance and wisdom.

Here is a quick rundown of what’s on some of the things on my list:

• Three trips to Mexico before the end of May (Matamoros, Juarez, and Central/South Mexico Tour)
• The wedding of my oldest daughter within 90 days (1st wedding as a dad)
• A planning trip to Nicaragua for the Young Leaders Event happening toward year end
• Africa2015, happening in September, which is my first time back since 2015
• A pending invitation to Cuba for October
• The Young Leaders event happening late November / earlyDecemberinNicaraguaI would like to wedge a men’s event in there somewhere as well, plus travel inside the US with work and keeping up with the brotherhood!  It’s gonna be a lot.  I have to get into better shape, or suffer the load under a weakened constitution. This is where I would like to humbly ask for your prayer support.  Would you takeamomentright now and ask the LORD to help me?  Also, as you thinkaboutitdownrange, would you mention my name to heaven?  Do not doubt that it will really help, because it will.I leave you with a thought I had recently:

Talent plus substance equals consequence.

I would love to hear from you about your adventures and pray for you as well.  Feel free to reach out to me if I can speed you on your way toward your purpose, or for whatever reason.

Every blessing,


Scott McClelland
Executive Director
Foundational Missions aka FXMissions
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  1. Scott, thanks for the update! You have such a great heart for people and nations. God has given you gifts of strategy and vision. I wish we had been able to stay connected in a deeper way over the years but to me our connection has certainly been meaningful. I hope to connect soon to discuss my recent trip to Nicaragua. Blessings!

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