Quick Update #Kenya2015 – Leaving Nairobi for Remote Kenya

We are sitting here – wide awake – very early in the morning, Israel and I…  Hoping we don't hit the wall too hard on the transition of time zones, but, not sure we are working toward that, having slept a good portion of the arrival day.
Met some interesting people staying here at Mayfield Guest House who are working in South Sudan.  This place serves meals for all those lodging here, which makes for interesting conversations from a wide variety of folks from all over.
The ones we met working in South Sudan spoke of the continued rise in insecurity there, coming now, not from war with North Sudan, but internal conflict.  This is said to be stemming from a disagreement between the president and vice president.  There was a soberness to their words, as those who have managed continual escape from a context bent on destruction.  Pray for our new friends please.

We are heading out today (Saturday morning local time) for Kehancha.  Its a six plus hour bus ride from Nairobi.  We go, with anticipation to rendezvous with God's grace and fellow believers in the pursuit of His purpose for our time.  We expect to know it as we find it!  Exciting, and a little unsettling.
As I am writing, we hear the Muslim call to prayer sound off.  It's 5am.
Kenya, one of the most Christianized countries in Africa, is a high level target for Islam, and their influence here seems to be growing, in my spotty observation over the last seven years.  This needs to be taken seriously, but, I have heard local ministry leaders speak about this threat in ways that made me believe they weren't treating it with proper concern.
As we go out, we are thinking about the short time we will have in Kehancha, only 4 1/2 days.  We are hoping to make the most of the time, with the family Sirima and the fellowships they are working with.  Hoping also to see other friends there.
Nothing prepares you for Africa, or at least that has been my conclusion, and it meets me today up arrival as still a mystery.  It has been five years since I was here.  Nothing feels familiar.  That is not the most welcome conclusion.  It should, however, help us to stay on our toes.
Please pray with us for the Lord's blessing and encouragement to be imparted to us as we share in each other's lives and struggles, all of which are important to Him.
Many blessings,

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