Prayers Please

Our team of 8 is all en route, from 4 different locations. A couple different nations, in fact. 

As you have opportunity pray for us. The headwind / resistance on the lead up was quite possibly the most severe I’ve ever faced. I know it was true for other team members as well. I know that there is something significant awaiting our obedience/ persistence. Please ask that this is accomplished. 

If you sense something from the Lord pls pass it along to I’ll pass it on to the team for encouragement. 

We have some first time missionaries, one who has never flown (read – ouch on 14 hour first flight ever!!), and none have been to Africa except me. You guessed it. We will have some stories once this is done…

We should be sharing updates to every day or two. Pace with us thru the trip, and who knows, maybe you’ll want to consider being on the team on our next rotation?!?

Blessings and grace,


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