Germany / Italy 2018

Friends of FXMissions!

Prayers appreciated as I head to Europe with Tony Hedrick this week.  As many of you who know Tony can well understand my request!  Haha.

We will be briefly in Germany, and spend most of our time in Italy, primarily in Parma.  This is my first time in Europe, except having passed thru a few times on the way to Africa.

Tony has been asking me for a few years to join him, and it seems like the timing is right.  I am really looking forward to it.

Please pray we are able to make the most of the time, and that I hear/see any and everything the Lord is trying to reveal to me.

My hope is to write a follow up blog upon my return.

May God's grace be yours, in abundance!


Scott McClelland

Arlington, Texas  – April 2018

2 Replies to “Germany / Italy 2018”

  1. Blessing my brother Scott. God is with you and opend doors. In every Nation.


  2. Grace and blessings follow you.
    Praying you and Tony let all plans with him be a success.

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