The Power of Story

We all love a good storyteller, and a good story, for that matter. There is something ancient, something so relatable about a good story. I've long recognized that, but, only occasionally thought about the components of story and what makes a good one.

A few years ago, I listened to a podcast that mentioned how all the epic stories contained the same flow. At once I was shocked and not surprised at all. This is something I think I've recognized but just had no grid for. You may have similar sentiments. The podcast title is “The Hero's Journey.” If you'd like to listen to or check it out, the podcast link is here.

Fast forward to the last few weeks, and I've stumbled into another encounter with the same content, this time written, from a slightly different perspective. I like examining things from multiple angles, don't you?

Why should I be interested in this?

Good question.

I'd like to encourage you to check out this content, because, your life is a story, currently being written and recorded, and making sense of it helps. I think this content can be something that will aid you in your epic tale, both in experiencing and in understanding. Here is a link to the blog post that I recently ran across. And let me know how this helps you on your “hero's journey!”

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