5 Levels of Leadership

Some years ago, I came into contact with the idea of 5 Levels of Leadership, I believe through a “cassette tape”… remember those? 🙂 To my knowledge (and memory, haha) it was an audiobook by John Maxwell, entitled, Developing The Leader Within You. Even tho it was years back, I haven't forgotten it. It has helped my perspective on leadership and influence since that time, and has helped me understand more about how leadership works.

Recently I had an encounter that reminded me of this concept, and discussed it one of our core team members. I pass it on here, in hopes that it will add to your growing perspective and worldview on the subject of influence, authority and leadership.

At the time I initially encountered the 5 Levels of Leadership idea, I have to admit most of the authority I was familiar with (and was operating in) was level 1. Surprisingly, that was no discouragement to me. I was happy to find out that this was a good place to start and that you could only grow (or go up) from there.

I include the above photo / screenshot from the website I found as I searched online for this concept. This is toolshero content, and I have linked to the complete article from their site below. Please take time to look at the graphic and click thru to the toolshero website for their excellent article on the subject. I found out, also, that John Maxwell has also turned these concepts into a standalone book. You can find it on Amazon by clicking this link…

Finally, below I have embedded a youtube video where Mr. Maxwell gives a quick three minute rundown on the concept. I commend it to you, as well!

Onward, leaders, to your embodiment of influence!

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