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(Guest post from my friend, Scott Popec) Somewhere….a word used to sometimes and vaguely describe the not so precise location of something or someone. 

It’s over there somewhere. 

She’s somewhere out back. 

I’m planning on going somewhere one day. 

Interesting word. So vague. No urgency. No precision. 

Recently I was watching a music talent show called the voice  and  heard a famous musician when being praised for his mastery and his successes say with a humble smile, “everyone has to be somewhere ya know.” 

Wow! It took me a while to really process what he was saying or better yet what I was meant to get from that.  

I mean duh! Of course we all have to be somewhere doing  something right? 

Hours later while on a walk It really hit and I felt the Lord begin to massage this weary stubborn heart.  

As I walked and thought and pondered. He gently spoke. 

Somewhere, before  I was born. Before I was stitched together in my mother’s womb.  God, the almighty creator, out there somewhere had my somewhere planned. He had my many somewhere(s) that I would travel and land all planned. 

So many places I’ve been. And more somewheres than I can understand comprehend or have planned. 

Why is it then that I so often find myself wishing…hoping….praying to be “somewhere” else? 

Knowing this truth, that before I was born God had it all planned, sometimes gets lost in the hustle of living out my somewhere and I find myself in a sadly familiar state. 

In the middle of my somewhere life happens.  Unexpected things in life hit leaving a trail of unwanted and unwarranted emotions and feelings. 

Frustrated. Weary. Weighted. Confused. Comparing and Envious even. Unhappy. Alone.  Doubtful and fearful. 

All of these emotions and feelings camping out back having a party in my planned or unplanned somewhere. 

It’s like I’m never content with the now.  Never settled. Never fully allowing my heart to take root. 

My thoughts often wondering “is the grass really greener on the other side.”

Perhaps clicking my imaginary  red slippers or boots since I’m in Texas singing the song of Dorthy just knowing and hoping there’s  more somewhere over the rainbow. 

There’s got to be more beyond this season. More beyond my current somewhere. 

God this can’t be you. This can’t be my somewhere. This trial can’t be part of my plan. This frustration. This pain. This lack of self confidence. This unsettledness. Why God? Why am I here? Why have you allowed this to be my somewhere? 

But then…


I hear the breath of his presence gently speak into my heart. Into my frustration. Into my waywardness. 

Son, why not make the most of your somewhere regardless if it’s your planned over the rainbow somewhere, a temporary somewhere, an unwanted somewhere, or an unexpected somewhere? 

You have to be somewhere don’t you? 

He continued speaking. See Sometimes I allow seasons in the middle of your somewhere to draw you closer to me. 

To increase your faith in me. 

To provide you rest and renewal. 

To remind you that you’re exactly where you need to be. 

As I Walk I pause and let my mind and heart merge and take in what’s being spoken. 


Yes!  God. 

Got it. 

Nothing vague about this. 

Thank you for reminding me. 

Fully Received. Makes complete sense now. 

And once again Jesus used something as random as a comment from a secular musician to speak into this weary heart and remind me, not for the first time mind you, of his love, his faithfulness, reaffirming my somewhere, my assignment, and His assigned plans. 

See we all have to be somewhere don’t we? 

We all are journeying together in our somewhere. 

And regardless of your somewhere or what’s happening in your somewhere we must make the most of it giving it every fiber of our being- our heart,  mind, soul, and body; our full attention and devotion. 

We must be willing to stop and rest in the middle of chaos and frustration instead of immediately hoping for a different somewhere.  

If we aren’t willing and succumb to the chaos we miss the beauty that comes from being transformed through the current struggle and weariness in our life. 

We must be willing to be firm and plant roots wholeheartedly to make our somewhere the best and perhaps well beyond our wildest planned somewhere could’ve ever imagined. 

Let us not allow the uneasiness or uncomfortableness of a somewhere cause us to miss the lesson to be learned even if it’s a temporary bump or trial  in our somewhere. 

Ultimately,  let us not miss the joy and peace that truly comes from walking closely with the Lord regardless of where our somewhere is or what’s happening in our somewhere. 

He, this Jesus we serve and believe in, is the God who stitched us together in our mothers womb. He Is with us. He is for us. In all things. Through  all things. In every season. In every situation, mountain, valley  and “somewhere.”

Let us declare in our hearts…

No more doubt. No more fear. No more frustration and longing for something different. 

But let us take on the garment of peace, contentment, and Joy, being fully satisfied in the Lord and His assigned somewhere. 

Speak this aloud with me.  We will  fully surrender to the now. We will be obedient to his call. We will listen to his voice regardless of what our somewhere looks like and feels like. In Jesus name. 

We all must be somewhere you know?

So let it be the best somewhere it can be. 

Carry on friends. And know I’m over here “somewhere” in the middle of my journey surrendering and making the most of it right along with you. 

Philippians 4:6-13

Scott Popec is a worship pastor, living in Southeast Texas, and can be reached at .

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