Prevail Model of Leadership with Dr. Noah Manyika (Part 1) – LM0221

Dr. Noah Manyika and Scott discuss the basis for the Prevail Model of Leadership.

This truth must be restored to the Church: that the Word of God actually applies in every aspect of life. Since this concept has been somewhat lost, the social applicability of God’s Word has been split away. But the expression of one’s work should follow the truth that God has created us in His image, for His divine purposes. And that divine purpose includes both speaking into and helping shape society and culture.

“If you don’t understand God’s creative purpose, the very original creative purpose that’s contained in the book of Genesis, then our influence in the world is going to diminish.”

Dr. Noah Manyika

What You’ll Learn

  • • The “Prevail” acronym
  • • Sustainable model of social innovation
  • • The biblical mandate and God’s blessing to lead
  • • The split of social applicability
  • • Answers to the deception by the enemy
“We were made by Him in His image…”

About Dr. Noah Manyika

Dr. Noah Manyika is a Senior Fellow with the Sagamore Institute for Policy Research. He has served as an advisor to the Zimbabwe Government of National Unity led by John Nkomo, former Vice President of Zimbabwe. He also served as an adviser to ministry organizations in the Charlotte area on developing their urban and global missions work.

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Watch for Noah’s upcoming book, Prevail: Reclaiming the Divinity of Our Humanity.

About From The Leadership Moment

Scott McClelland of Foundational Missions shares bite-sized insights into leadership, with a focus on the Bible, missions, and ministry. He pulls from a wide variety of sources and always has something to inspire and challenge us to greatness.

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3 Replies to “Prevail Model of Leadership with Dr. Noah Manyika (Part 1) – LM0221”

  1. This is a such an important issue to discuss. I really like the points both of you brought across. We are primed for success because we are made in HIS Image and we are called to function in HIS authority🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.

  2. Whether in Business…career or Church… to remain relevant there has to be Sustained Social Innovation. The churches lose the Youth after great harvest events if they do not remain relevant. And we have examples of failed leadership still trying to run offices where again they hold on to non relevant precepts. The Word of God correctly applied remains relevant in every generation and in every sphere of life.

    Amen to the Docs teaching.

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