Realizing Potential

Men, in order for your family to realize their potential, you must reach yours as a husband and father.  It is altogether unlikely they will escape your influence. And their future will be limited by your present. This is a part of your God given responsibility, and you’ll not escape it.  In fact, properly embracing this fact and acting on it, you can establish your family with this impact lasting for generations. 

This is tricky, and we can react to this awareness in ways that are counterproductive. 

You prepare the way for your family to follow Jesus and enjoy a relationship with Him by taking that path yourself. 

In considering this, we must realize that men need each other for encouragement, guidance and instruction, and we were built with gaps that other brothers fill.  Your contribution covers another brother’s blind spot. 

It can be easy to overlook this fact, but we do so to our own injury, and often regret, and certainly with casualty to our families. 

Becoming the man you are called by God to be is the journey and adventure of a lifetime, and while we will likely have brief times of soloing, those cannot be the norm.  The enemy’s intent to isolate and stymy us will be ongoing. We have to get our perspective squared away, and realize our need for each other. Stepping into collaboration we fill up another brother’s lack, and have ours filled up as well. 

Our great call, which we hear in the echoes of the Spirit, is Christlikeness. He is the One who demonstrates the love beyond all others, laying down His life for His friends. 

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  1. In short order, you always manage to say great, inspiring advice that always adjusts our trajectory. You are a succinct writer.
    Thanks, Scott

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