What is Leadership?

About to get a workout going!

Leadership, it may be hard to define, but you know it when you see it.  This means there is an essence to leadership that is known through observing it in action, not just in contemplation.  After all, the Kingdom of God is not in word only, but in power (with the idea of action)!

Who is your favorite leader of all time, after Jesus?  Think about this before you go on, please…..  Can you name someone?  We will come back to this, but, I want to encourage you to stop and think of someone until you come up with a name.  Thanks…

Here are a few definitions of leadership for you:

Short version:  Influence

Leadership is being exemplary – Not all persons with responsibility are good examples, but in the Lord’s estimation, leadership and living a good example are the same thing. Continue reading “What is Leadership?”

Una atracción principal del espíritu religioso

Una atracción principal del espíritu religioso es ofrecer tranquilizar la conciencia… lo cual hará en cierta medida. Pero esto no puede quitar la culpa. Sólo lo hará el arrepentimiento.
Una de las cosas más escandalosas y dañinas del espíritu religioso y que a menudo no nos damos cuenta, es que es un substituto del trabajo constante, activo y vivo de Cristo en nuestro corazón.
Continue reading “Una atracción principal del espíritu religioso”


Let all things be loved for the sake of Jesus, but Jesus for His own sake.

These are the words of a celebrated believer from many centuries ago. They still ring true today. Why?

Because they help us to reconcile our value system, and to center it, protecting us from placing primary value on things, efforts or even others. The central value of our lives should be the Lord Himself, and all other things we value are valued for His sake, and in a way subjected to our love for Him.

For one, this protects us from idolatry… From spending our love and the focus of our lives in ways that devalue. There are many valid pursuits in life, many things that we can offer us an opportunity to contribute and serve in a meaningful way. However, if any of thes things begin to take first place, their real value begins to be lost. Continue reading “Love”