BroAlaska Lead Up Info

AUGUST 19-21, 2022 MatSu Valley Outside Anchorage

July 21, 2022 – ONE MONTH OUT CALL – There will be a 30-45 minute call tomorrow evening – July 24, 2022 – Central US time at 4pm, 1pm AK time, for updates, discussion, prayer, etc.. Pls plan to be there if you are planning to come.

June 26, 2022 – There will be a 30-45 minute call tomorrow evening – June, 27, 2022 – Central US time at 7:30pm, 4:30pm AK time, to share info, discuss and take a minute to pray over the time together. Pls have a look at the Facebook Brotherhood group or the WhatsApp group for details. If you have trouble finding them, pls email me at scott @ We may do this call a few times more on the lead up if warranted and desired.

June 15, 2022 – Location of BroSummit is set. Pls follow this link for more details. Details about costs for event should be available by end of June. Expecting in the $225-275 range. Need to work out details on transportation and food. You are gonna like this place!

June 6, 2022 – I (Scott) have purchased my airfare for the trip. It is recommended to arrive by or before mid afternoon on Friday, August 19. Event starts that evening and goes thru Sunday morning, August 21. Return flights to the lower 48 are preferable afternoon on the 21st or later. Mine is early local time on the 22nd.

FYI the tickets came down a bit over the last few weeks, but still are expensive. Mine I got roundtrip non-stop from DFW in the lower $900s. It had been $1100 or so at one point. I am not trying to predict what to expect, but if you know you are going, I would recommend no unnecessary delay. If and when you can, do. If you do purchase, pls let me know. Thanks and looking forward to it!

May 5, 2022 – Info will be updated here on the lead up and approach

More updates will be forthcoming about the non-travel cost of the event, hopefully in the next few weeks. Blessings.