What We Have / What We Need

What we have is not what we need, no matter how appealing the marketing has become.

We can try to fit into what is, and find our place, but that will cost us the real fit and actual contribution that Jesus offers us. What is all around us, making its pitch for “membership”, is a religious framework, a construct of men. Taking the bait, we are being beguiled, robbed really, of the higher and better. It has to do with our perspective, our worldview, and the low and beggarly appeals that seek to distract us and prevent our farther entry into Christ. Now, we cannot escape the context we are in, but we can transcend it. This is why Jesus says, “In this world you will have trouble, but cheer up, I have overcome the world.” Veiled In this elaboration, like a hidden treasure, is His invitation to you to overcome the world, with Him. Jesus was in this world, but not of it. That is our birthright in Him. Let's walk in it.

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In Transit 

Life is transitory, right?

If you are like me, you're on the go a lot. Windshields and window or aisle seats are my fairly constant companions.

But isn't that true of life? Passing through.

I had a moment of inspiration this morning as I passed a traveler at 4:20am who was on an airport cot. She was doing her best to get some sleep, somewhere in between where she'd started and where she hoped to get.  Continue reading “In Transit “


It's been a while since I posted, so I wanted to give everyone a quick update. We are approaching several big transitions, and would really appreciate your prayer support.

The family and I are preparing for our relocation to the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. This is something I first started to sense in the fall of 2010, so it has been a long time in the making. Hopefully that means we are prepared. Continue reading “Graduating”

A Different Mexico

A Different Mexico*

By Amy Layman

Three years ago God did a miracle in me. Thankfully, He's not been lying dormant since then, but this particular miracle has really been on my mind the last couple of weeks. Three years ago God tore down walls I'd built up to keep Mexico out, and He filled me with love for this beautiful country and the amazing people who live there. So, when the opportunity came to go back, we went. Kyle&AmyThis time I was able to go without any walls, prejudices, or snobberies (that last one is probably closest to the truth), and God showed me yet another view of His Mexico.Our first stop was just across the border in Matamoros Continue reading “A Different Mexico”