Intensivo de Liderazgo: Nicaragua 2015 por Kate Nevarez

¿Qué tienes cuando 4 mexicanos, 4 americanos, 4 nicaragüenses, una sueca y un suizo entran en un campamento de Vida Joven? Parece el comienzo de un chiste de misioneros, ¿verdad? Lo cierto es que fue el inicio de un encuentro divino que a continuación intento describir.

Ocho semanas después de regresar de Nicaragua del “Intensivo de Liderazgo” organizado por FXMissions, se siente como si todo hubiera sido un sueño maravilloso; que fue demasiado bueno para ser realidad – el tipo de sueño en donde todo en el ministerio “funciona como se debe”, lo cual cualquiera que haya participado en misiones se da cuenta que no es lo común. Continue reading “Intensivo de Liderazgo: Nicaragua 2015 por Kate Nevarez”

Nicaragua Young Leaders Intensive Trip Report by Kate Nevarez

So 4 Mexicans, 5 Americans, 4 Nicaraguans, a Swedish woman, and a Swiss man walk into a Young Life Camp…. It sounds like the beginning of a bad missionary joke, right? In truth, it is the beginning of a divine encounter that I shall now attempt to describe.

Six weeks after returning from Nicaragua for the FX Missions Young Leaders Intensive, it feels like a wonderful dream that was too good to be real Continue reading “Nicaragua Young Leaders Intensive Trip Report by Kate Nevarez”

Nicaragua Dec2015 Trip Report by Alisha Joy Tomsen

This story really starts on the fourth of July, because that was the day that my friend dropped me off at the airport and I left the life I had spent the past few years building. Friends, mentors, small children I adored-I left them all behind. After two and half years of working as a missionary in Mexico, I was headed home for good, all because I felt God tugging at my heart and telling me it was time to go.

Even with the prompting of the Holy Spirit, it felt a little like failure. I felt like a missionary that just couldn’t Continue reading “Nicaragua Dec2015 Trip Report by Alisha Joy Tomsen”

Invigorated and Alive, by Danielle Barnett

Hard at work!
Hard at work!

You know how one of the first things most people do when they consider traveling internationally is to check their passport? Well, apparently, I'm not most people…lil ol' me somehow overlooked the fact that my stamp of approval for leaving the country had expired two years earlier… until it hit me at 2 am two days before my flight…oops. Well, thankfully I have a really big, awesome God who likes to help me out when I overlook the obvious, and in the matter of 24 hours, I had myself a brand new, shiny passport (after spending a few extra hundred dollars and dragging my very splendid, accommodating parents to Philly at 5 am – thanks Mom and Dad!). So with all that trouble to get there, there must be something good in store for this trip, right? Why yes, yes there was. Continue reading “Invigorated and Alive, by Danielle Barnett”