Staying The Course

Sometimes, in the middle between starting and finishing, motivation can get challenging. Some are more naturally motivated or inspired than others, but, we all come to the end of our own strength. This can be a healthy reminder that we aren’t self sufficient, and aren’t intended to be.

Recently, I’ve been over busy and wearing a touch thin.

Later this week, I’m heading to Central America with a team to do our annual Young Leadership Event. We ask for your prayers. We want to see the Lord do things only He can do. For me, I think I’m out of tricks.

Also, please pray for us that we recognize what the Lord is doing and join into His efforts instead of prosecuting our own plan. We are prepared, but we want to also be sensitive.

Thanks for partnering with us in the Spirit. Look out for updates on Facebook and other social media, as well as in this blog. And we will have a new crop of Leadership Moment podcasts for you when we return.

Grace and peace to you, from God The Father and our Lord Jesús Christ.


If we don’t remember we are on a mission, our lives turn to dust or idol worship…
Life involves a tension. What we decide prevails as it pertains to us.
What do we want?  Regardless of how optimum that is, we are limited by our Vision, our perspective, our worldview.
Our life is directed more, shaped more, by the unremarkable and routine decisions we make, thousands of them, than the landmark decisions we make once every handful of years.
Can we hear the Lord, and His leading, in the subtleties of daily life, when there is no show of hands made to indicate a decision?  I hope so.
Reality is a competitive context. I’m not saying this from a interpersonal standpoint, but from a decision standpoint. Our ability to be lead and choose wisely has an immediate consequence, and one that is long lasting.
The law of displacement needs to be understood. Nothing can fill a full life, as it’s already filled. To add something on, take a new direction, or strike out on a new course, room has to be made at the expense of something. Often these “somethings” occupy the high ground of our devotion, and are reticent to pass quietly into the margin.
This tension we all face.
The fruit of our lives, what results from this opportunity we call life, will be the evidence evaluated at the end of days. Choose wisely, and may wisdom prevail.
I’ll leave you with a scripture:


So teach us to number our days, That we may present to You a heart of wisdom…
Ps [90:12] NASB

Today with the Congolese 

Today, as our time here in South Africa is coming to a close, we spent the day with some Congolese pastors in a day of introduction to the prophetic. Apparently they had not been previously exposed. 

It went well, and we made some new friends. 

Of course, while we’ve been here is Durban, we’ve been working with Rodney and Trina Kirkpatrick, who are longtime friends. Check out Rodney’s recent post about his ongoing work with this community, and blessings to you!

Work Among Congolese in South Africa, by Rodney Kirkpatrick.