Nicaragua, querida Nicaragua

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22 de abril, 2018

Les comparto algunos acontecimientos recientes en Nicaragua. Como probablemente sabes, en lo que parece ser, hay disturbios significativos en la mayor parte del País. Quiero agregar mi perspectiva, ya que tenemos varios amigos, seres queridos, hermanos y hermanas en el País. He colaborado en Nicaragua desde el año 2010, haciendo mi primer viaje allá en 2006; he recibido comunicación personal y directa de varios que están dentro del campo y que están viviendo lo que está sucediendo, por favor ORA por Nicaragua. Continue reading “Nicaragua, querida Nicaragua”

Nicaragua, Precious Nicaragua

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A few thoughts here on the current and recent happenings in Nicaragua.  As you likely know, there is significant unrest in what seems like most of the country.  With many friends, loved ones and brothers / sisters there, I wanted to add a perspective.  I’ve been working in Nicaragua since 2010, with my first trip there being in 2006, and have received personal and direct communication from many on the ground inside what is happening…  Please pray for Nicaragua, NOW.

First – the unrest that you are seeing now has been growing under the surface for a long time.

Second – the current government has been consolidating power in an illegal way for some years, and likely since it was elected to power.

Third – returning to what was – peace at any cost – is, in my opinion, a misguided sentiment.

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