Ken’s Take On Mexico Spring 2019

Left town a little after 10 on a sunny, Thursday morning. Dropped off the dog and got on our way. Plane left O’hare airport around 6am, making an early Friday for us. And don’t forget to arrive well ahead of time! Two and a half hours in drive seemed best to land the day before. 

Grabbed lunch at a dine in Ottawa. The sky had now darkened and the rain was setting in. Place had a little bit of everything. Ordered an app of the Greek descent – cheese, set on fire before us (the name escapes me). Holly had a plate of fancified fruits and vegetables. I requested an Italian beef sandwich. Dipped in Au jus, an additional masterpiece to an already delicious sandwich!

Hotel was decent. Just needed a place to crash for the night. The bonus was that they allowed you to park your car while you traveled – not free, but at a reasonable rate. Had a restaurant on hand, which we made well of.  The bar was open till 4am. We arose early enough to say hey to some of those folks as they hobbled out. One gentleman voiced some drama around the abuse of his blow up pillow or mattress – I cannot remember which. Some of his more coherent cohorts advised him that Walmart could help him out at no large expense. This didn’t seem to settle things… We took the shuttle to the airport, less than ten minutes away. Wheels left the runway and I was beginning to feel the thrill of adventure. Today, we would be in Mexico!

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Quick After Trip Report – Mexico Spring 2019

Part of group jumps in back of the flatbed for a quick tour around the hacienda…

We had a really solid team and group at La Quemada, and we are really blessed by the growing friendships and deepening of “hermandad” that the Lord is doing there.  The leadership event was “retreat style”, so we had plenty of time to spend with each other and meetings were sort of not the main focus.  In this theme, we headed out to San Miguel one morning after breakfast, and had a great time strolling the city and experiencing the culture, which was awesome for all, and likely mind-blowing for those who were traveling for the first or second time to Mexico.  A mi gusta San Miguel!  Que Bonito! Not to mention they have churros among the best you will find anywhere!

This guy!

Felipe, my friend from southern Brazil, joined us there – the trip from his home was a lot longer than everyone else – and I am sure the Lord met his investment with a big return.  It was great to see him, be with him, and hear about his family and life in Brazil.  It has been 10 years since we were together, and Mexico was a fitting rendezvous, seeing we were there together in 2009.  This guy brings joy to all he comes in contact with, and has a huge leadership calling on his life.  I am grateful to be a small part of what God is doing in his life, and, don’t miss it, we are planning a trip to visit Felipe and other friends in Brazil in 2021.  Sounds cool, right?

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5 Levels of Leadership

Some years ago, I came into contact with the idea of 5 Levels of Leadership, I believe through a “cassette tape”… remember those? 🙂 To my knowledge (and memory, haha) it was an audiobook by John Maxwell, entitled, Developing The Leader Within You. Even tho it was years back, I haven’t forgotten it. It has helped my perspective on leadership and influence since that time, and has helped me understand more about how leadership works.

Recently I had an encounter that reminded me of this concept, and discussed it one of our core team members. I pass it on here, in hopes that it will add to your growing perspective and worldview on the subject of influence, authority and leadership.

At the time I initially encountered the 5 Levels of Leadership idea, I have to admit most of the authority I was familiar with (and was operating in) was level 1. Surprisingly, that was no discouragement to me. I was happy to find out that this was a good place to start and that you could only grow (or go up) from there.

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Y vino la Palabra del Señor

Una búsqueda rápida en línea reveló que en el Antiguo Testamento la expresión: “y vino la Palabra del Señor” es usada noventa y tres veces en la versión “New American Standard Bible” (Nueva Versión Estándar Americana). Comenzando con Abram en Génesis 15 y finalizando en Zacarías, el último libro antes de iniciar el Nuevo Testamento. La descripción de este tipo de comunicación cambió del Antiguo Testamento al Nuevo Testamento, pero la comunicación personal por parte del Señor no se retira ni se vuelve obsoleta. En todo el Antiguo Testamento vemos que así sucede con los profetas y con los grandes personajes. En el Nuevo Testamento, LA PALABRA, El mismo, CAMINO literalmente hacia nosotros como Cristo Jesús en forma de hombre, por lo tanto, Su comunicación se vuelve totalmente más personal, directa y uno a uno.

Nada puede ni debe reemplazar este fenómeno, la Palabra del Señor, tanto es necesaria en forma escrita como también es necesaria en nuestras vidas. Esto va tanto a lo específico como a lo personal, contiene las promesas y dirección que tu y yo necesitaremos de manera personal. A menudo, en mi vida, la “palabra del Señor” ha llegado a través de las Escrituras, algunas palabras con las que estaba familiarizado y otras que nunca había escuchado. Ha habido innumerables ocasiones en que el Espíritu Santo ha destacado y enfatizado las Escrituras dándoles un significado especial y actual en momentos importantes.

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