1Thought On The Centrality of Jesus Christ

Following God / the Lord Jesus, is not a religion, tho much religion has been constructed that makes this claim.  Religion is a system, and religions systemic, whereas following the Lord is centered on Him, the Living God.  As such, these systems have complexities, principle tenets, etc., and create assurances based on adherence to regulations.  As Christ's followers, assurance doesn't come to us in that way. Continue reading “1Thought On The Centrality of Jesus Christ”


Who's to blame when things don't go like you wanted, hoped for, expected, were used to and/or comfortable with?  Blame is an interesting thing!  Some have said we live in a culture of blame, i.e. we are looking to assign blame and are not looking for someone to be responsible.

Ask.com has the following definition for blame culture: Blame culture is a set of attitudes characterized by an unwillingness to take risks or accept responsibility for mistakes because of a fear of criticism or prosecution. People blame each other to avoid being reprimanded or put down. Continue reading “Blame”

What is life about?

What is life about?whatislifeabout

All around me, I see things that bring me grief, when I observe what people are living for.  And I don't have to look further than my own life, for that matter.  What am I living for?  This is not about someone else, it's about so many of us.  Young and not-so-young people, living false lives, and I'm talking about believers.  Am I talking about you?

Continue reading “What is life about?”

Loving God with Your Strength

The link below will send you to a message that has impacted my life significantly.  I want to encourage you to go there and give it a look and/or listen.

You can get the notes, download the MP3, or watch the video….. lot's of options.

Loving God with All Our Strength

Specifically, this message helped me understand fasting in a new way that has helped me establish a routine of fasting over the past several years.  But there is much more also contained in the material.

Hope it blesses you the way it has me.