Lauren Roth and Mary Magdalene on Leadership – LM0198

Mary Magdalene is a polarizing figure, from the time she first makes an appearance in the gospels. Demonic, wayward soul, etc., etc.. That is certainly part of her story, as it is part of ours. But after having been delivered by Jesus, she went forward to set a clear example, as a woman, as a follower, and as an ambassador of the resurrection of Jesus!

Learn more as to how her relational closeness to Jesus informed her example in this session.

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Philosophy of Spiritual Leadership – LM0197

Lauren Roth, International Director of ACCI, joins us for session one of three sessions, explaining her perspective and philosophy of spiritual leadership.

  • Does spirituality increase or diminish our leadership capacity?
  • How has it informed or changed Lauren’s leadership style and approach?

Join us as Lauren sits in for us from Ottawa, Canada, and shares her first session, which is an intro to two profiles sessions where she will share some who have influenced her approach, and strengthened her as a leader!

Contrasting Peter and Paul in Leadership with Gary and Traci Carson – LM0196

Gary and Traci joined us to contrast the apostolic ministries of Peter and Paul. 

Have you ever thought about that? Two pinnacles of leadership from biblical history, so different, and sometimes with tension between them. 

  • What can we learn? 
  • How can we cooperate with others as a result of what we can learn here?
  •  Can you say “anger management”? 

Join us to be edified, and thanks to Gary and Traci.  

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Wade Taylor Part 2 – LM0195

If you’re not familiar with the life and leadership of Wade Taylor, hopefully this will start you on your quest to get familiar. An author, spiritual leader and mentor, bible school founder, and man with spiritual depth that challenges you in a way that makes you more hungry for God, that’s my experience with Wade Taylor.

Traci Carson, from Voice of the Trumpet Ministries, who knew Wade personally, joins us to discuss his leadership legacy in this two part series. Don’t miss it!

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