David’s Leadership as King and Shepherd – LM0190

Vidar Ligard of SafariMission joins the profiles in leadership series to profile one of the most prominent leaders of the Bible, King David.

What was it about David that makes him stand out? How did he take the outcasts of society and make them into “Mighty Men” and renowned leaders and champions? Vidar gives us a different perspective which you will be encouraged by, as well as enlightened.

Find out more about Vidar, his family and his ministry at Safarimission.org

Profiles – Hans Nielsen Hauge with Cathrine Ligard of SafariMission – LM0187

Hans Nielsen Hauge was something of a cultural reformer for Christ a few hundred years ago in Norway.  Cathrine, originally from Norway, helps us dig into his contribution as a leader and prominent figure from Norway’s history.  Listen in, and I am certain you’ll learn something you didn’t know!

For more information or to contact Cathrine, reach her at SafariMission.org.

For more general information about Hans:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hans_Nielsen_Hauge