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Friday Morning, July 29, 2011

Yesterday we finished up our work and played with the kids at the Youth Home (, and were treated to a Despedida / Farewell where a few of the children performed for us….. and we said our goodbyes to them.  One of our team members said he prefers hard goodbyes to easy ones, because when it is hard you know that you have invested your heart.  Made sense to me, especially in the context of the hard goodbye we just had.

Last night we went to Los Molotes (big smile) with Josh and Ivonne McNally, and Rene and Kate also joined us, with their little boy Sammy.  Introducing folks to authenticate food of this kind has become one of the things I really enjoy.  The owners recognized me, and it was quite a warm welcome and time with them.  As usual, it was all top notch “comida”, and no one left hungry.

Emily has recovered completely, though she had to rest a little more yesterday.  She was able to eat at Los Molotes and enjoy the company of friends.  Thank you Jesus.

Our ride will be here in 2o minutes, and we will head to the bus station, where we will board the 0830 bus for the airport.  In twelve hours we will be on the ground in Charlotte, after a really blessed trip.  I am thankful that it has gone so well, and that it was a strong encouragement to the host ministry here.  I have lost count of my trips here, but with each one my heart for this work and these people grows.

We thank God for his people, scattered like seed across the face of the earth, of whom the world is not worthy.  To find them and help them is a growing mission in my heart.  Blessings and grace to you, thanks for the prayers.  I encourage you to find a way to reach beyond yourself and your daily life to have an impact and and investment in those beyond.  If you are interested in going somewhere. let me know at this email address –


Thursday Morning, July 28, 2011

We had a good time last night with the folks at Naciones Church.  AND YES,  I got mixed up with some of the young folks for a physical challenge of sorts.  They wanted to see me do 10 pushups.  So the three of us did them together.  After that we lost one guy, but Brian (my challenger) and I, did some burpees….  (video pending, but soon to come 🙂 )

I spoke on being controlled by God's love, and we did some personal ministry at the end.  Thankful that the Lord touched many.  My prayer was for impartation of this love of God, which I believe the Lord answered.  Fer wrapped it up with the Spanish version of “How He Loves Us”, incredibly fitting.

Today we head back to the Esperanza Viva Youth Home, our last day there, and finish up the work and the time with the children and staff.  And, as those who know me might imagine, we are planning a trip to Los Molotes tonight.  hehehe

It has been a great trip, and we want to finish strong, keeping the ground that has been gained.

Seems like Emily is feeling better, but we don't have a full report yet.  More to come on that.  We really appreciate all the prayer support for our time here.  Please keep going on our behalf.  There are always competent adversaries when doors are opened by God.  We want to stay focused and complete our mission.

It has also been a great time with Jerry McNally, the founder of the ministry here who is a missionary from the twin cities area of Minnesota.  I always greatly enjoy getting his input.  It is helpful.  Thanks Jerry, again.

I will try to get another update out before we get back, but tomorrow is a travel day that starts early, so I am not sure how that is going to work.  We travel by bus to Mexico City, and then hop the plane to Charlotte, with hearts full of thankfulness to the God above all, who we are privileged to live in partnership with.

Grace and peace to you, and love from God most high.


Wednesday morning, July 27, 2011

Pray for Emily today.  She is feeling nausea.

We are having our “cultural day” in Puebla, which I think will equal shopping in Cholula, the town with the Catholic cathedral on top of the pyramid.  We had a good day yesterday, and Destiny recovered well, so thanks much for the prayers.  We had a special time of prayer and worship with the staff, and they prayed for us and gave us words of encouragement individually.  It was a blessing.

We also had a special time with Jerry and Susy McNally last night where they spoke with the group, handed out some questions of their own, and fielded a few as well.  The time wrapped up with stories of faith from their journey and time here (25+ years in Mexico).  It was inspiring, challenging and thought-provoking.

We continue on tonight with a church meeting here.  I will be speaking.  I really want to encourage and strengthen these guys with the light of heaven.

Our time here is drawing to a close.  We have tomorrow and then we head out on Friday morning early.  Please agree with us that we will give / receive everything the Lord has in mind, and that He will receive glory from our time, and that we will finish strong.

More soon…..

Raco and his wife came for a visit. Was great to see them.


Day 3 in Puebla. Destiny is sick. Please pray for her. Thanks.

Monday afternoon, July 25,2011

We are here in Puebla at Esperanza Viva.  Another day of traveling yesterday, but we got in fairly early and are in good condition.  This morning we worked with the children along the fence line of the property.  Has been a good time and a lot of fun all around. The team is doing well and working hard.  At this moment they are alternating prayer for the children and soccer….  I need to go out there and get some photos.

Thanks for your prayers.  I am hoping to get some guest hosts on the updates soon, so we can hear from some of the guys and get their perspective.

Blessings and grace from the field.


Sunday morning, July 24, 2011

A quick update as we are about to push off from Cuernavaca for Puebla.  We have had a great time here with Benjamin, Maya, and Salvador, and the group.  Yesterday's prophetic seminar went well, and I was especially proud of Amber, who brought a very good teaching on intro to prophetic communication.  Everyone was very engaged, and they were ready to practice during the workshop time.  We are thankful for God's grace.

The group is well, no sickness among us, and we are looking forward to the next part of our adventure, tho we will miss Cuernavaca, and feel like our time here was too short.  A return is a must, and more time next time, we have been told by our hosts.

Pray for us.  We have travel ahead, and re-acclimation in Puebla.  And thanks for your prayers so far.

Blessings and grace, from the field.

Thursday, July 21, 2011 (from Texas)

We leave tomorrow, seven of us, for Mexico.  This is what I have affectionately coined “the daughter team”, tho we are not all daughters.  🙂  Seth and I are the only males, and as usual, I am surrounded by the gender that “feels” at a different level.

We are planning to do trip updates daily, so come back to this page and check on us.  We would appreciate your prayers as we are moving around for the gospel.  Great doors and competent adversaries usually come with that territory, but our God is greater.  To Him we commit ourselves, our cause, and our very lives.  And we are safe in His keeping.

My hope is that we will be able to hear from each person with an update during the trip, here on this page.

Our first stop is in Mexico City, in the household of dear friends.  From there we go to Cuernavaca for two nights, and then on to Puebla for the remainder of our week.

Here are links to the host ministries if you would like to look at their websites and get a feel for what they are doing:

Cuernavaca – House of Prayer –

Puebla – Living Hope International –

We ask the Lord to help us, to give everything we are sent to give, to receive everything He wants to give, and for the Lord Himself to receive all glory.

Catch up to you next from the other side!


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