Nicaragua, Nicaraguita – Informe Febrero 2019

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Uno de los muchos volcanes en Nicaragua. Foto tomada por mi “buen amigo” mientras nos dirigíamos al Norte en la carretera Panamericana.

Un amigo y yo acabamos de regresar de Nicaragua donde pasamos una semana visitando a amigos y hermanos, animándoles a saber lo cerca que Dios está de ellos en medio de estos tiempos difíciles y afirmando la bondad de Dios. El título de éste articulo proviene de una canción que se canta en Nicaragua y es cantada como una expresión de afecto. Los nicaragüenses están orgullosos de su país, de su herencia y tienen una esperanza de que cosas buenas están por venir. Unámonos a ellos con esa esperanza. Como es probable que sepas, la violencia y el derramamiento de sangre se apoderaron del país a inicios del 2018, con muchas pérdidas y daños que llegaron a gran escala. Si bien las estimaciones varían, parece que más de 500 personas murieron, miles resultaron heridas y varios cientos aún no han sido contabilizadas. Esto no incluye a los que actualmente son presos políticos. (Haz clic aquí para leer el post de la época que rodea la erupción de violencia en Nicaragua en 2018)

Sabíamos que teníamos que ir allá para mostrar amor a todos los que apreciamos, no estábamos seguros de lo que encontraríamos y del peligro que se avecinaba …

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Trip Takeaway Mexico Spring 2019

One thing the Lord did for me on this trip was to reshape my view of ministry. It’s a recurring theme that He started showing me before the trip and on which He continues to elaborate since. Basically, He’s been showing me that relationships are perhaps the most important part of ministry. It’s not the “what,” nor the “where,” nor the “how many.” It’s the “who,” even if those “who” are just a few. Jesus loves the few. He comes and ministers to just a few. He returned to and spent time with and taught and ministered to the same few over and over again. Even though His life, and especially His ministry, were so brief. My previous focus in missions has been the “what” and the “where” and the “how many.” There were bonds formed on previous trips as a team, some of them that lasted a long time, and I was thankful for that; but the main goal — at least to me — was to help as many people as I could as quickly as I could and make sure I feel somewhat uncomfortable while doing so, so that I could relate to them in that sense; but don’t really bother to get to know them otherwise because this is a one-time thing and you’ll never see them again — you’re just there to help. It was work and duty and obligation at the expense of relationship. It was religion.

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Ken’s Take On Mexico Spring 2019

Left town a little after 10 on a sunny, Thursday morning. Dropped off the dog and got on our way. Plane left O’hare airport around 6am, making an early Friday for us. And don’t forget to arrive well ahead of time! Two and a half hours in drive seemed best to land the day before. 

Grabbed lunch at a dine in Ottawa. The sky had now darkened and the rain was setting in. Place had a little bit of everything. Ordered an app of the Greek descent – cheese, set on fire before us (the name escapes me). Holly had a plate of fancified fruits and vegetables. I requested an Italian beef sandwich. Dipped in Au jus, an additional masterpiece to an already delicious sandwich!

Hotel was decent. Just needed a place to crash for the night. The bonus was that they allowed you to park your car while you traveled – not free, but at a reasonable rate. Had a restaurant on hand, which we made well of.  The bar was open till 4am. We arose early enough to say hey to some of those folks as they hobbled out. One gentleman voiced some drama around the abuse of his blow up pillow or mattress – I cannot remember which. Some of his more coherent cohorts advised him that Walmart could help him out at no large expense. This didn’t seem to settle things… We took the shuttle to the airport, less than ten minutes away. Wheels left the runway and I was beginning to feel the thrill of adventure. Today, we would be in Mexico!

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