Joseph – Profiles in Leadership – Part Two of Two – LM0173

Kurt Kelley, a friend and strong brother, joins us to help fill in the landscape on Joseph and why his life is relevant and instructive to our leadership process today. Part of two of two. Get the word out about this significant leader share this podcast with a friend who comes to mind.

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Profiles in Leadership Kickoff – LM0171

Kick Off of the “Profiles in Leadership” Series straight ahead. We have been working on this content and prep for some time and we are happy to be bringing it to you now. We will have some experienced leaders sitting in to help us examine those who were peaks of leadership in the mountain range of history. You will be equipped, challenged, possibly checked up, but certainly encouraged in your pursuit of becoming a more effective leader.

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Painful Realization

The hardest thing to learn is what you think you already know, right?

Pain is a faithful instructor…

I read some years ago that the product of a team and the product of individuals aren’t the same. I’ve come to believe / realize the truth in this. Here’s the story that drove it home like no other. It was 2005 and I’d just returned from an extreme missions training pilot course. My mind was being brought into the light of teamwork in ways I thought I already knew.

I’ll spare you the gore of the incident, but I came face to face with a deception in my own life. Since very young, I was thrust into leadership. Some of the thrusting was my own doing, some was that of others.

Because I’d been routinely in leadership, I mistook this (somehow) for knowing how to be a good teammate. It seems strange now, as the two clearly aren’t the same thing. What I knew was how to be in charge.

It took a little drama to wake me from my stupor.

After the drama of team clash and proof beyond doubt that I knew how to wrestle people into submission, in a way that reminded me of my broken and abusive predecessors, I saw a light.

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