Invigorated and Alive, by Danielle Barnett

Hard at work!
Hard at work!

You know how one of the first things most people do when they consider traveling internationally is to check their passport? Well, apparently, I'm not most people…lil ol' me somehow overlooked the fact that my stamp of approval for leaving the country had expired two years earlier… until it hit me at 2 am two days before my flight…oops. Well, thankfully I have a really big, awesome God who likes to help me out when I overlook the obvious, and in the matter of 24 hours, I had myself a brand new, shiny passport (after spending a few extra hundred dollars and dragging my very splendid, accommodating parents to Philly at 5 am – thanks Mom and Dad!). So with all that trouble to get there, there must be something good in store for this trip, right? Why yes, yes there was. Continue reading “Invigorated and Alive, by Danielle Barnett”

Poverty Becomes You – After Action Report – #1Nica2015

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Can you find me? It's like Where's Waldo!

Some of you may have spent the last few (or more) months wondering what has become of this little blog. Our fearless author, Alisha, it seems has to have fallen off the face of the planet to have been this silent for this long. Where you’ve been going for your weekly dose of missionary humor and cute little girl stories, one can only wonder. Continue reading “Poverty Becomes You – After Action Report – #1Nica2015”


LHI_1Nica2015Tomorrow, Thursday, January 8, a small team of us will travel to Nicaragua and be in Dario and Matagalpa for 8 days.  We will be working with friends there, including Jairo Miranda and Earl Rutledge.  We need and appreciate your prayer support.

The largest contingent of the team is from Living Hope International's Puebla, Mexico location, with others coming from Northern Mexico and a few of us from the US.

We will plan to post updates on the FXMissions Facebook Page while we are on the field, as time and opportunity permit.  Thanks for joining with us in our efforts for the Nations!

If you are interested in being involved in a short term trip in Latin America or Africa, let us know!

Blessings and thanks again!

-scott mcclelland