Preparing for the Days Ahead

prepare_for_battleHow do we prepare for the days ahead?


What is it that God has been leading you to that you have been avoiding?

We know that obedience to God always looks like a cost to us before we move into it.  This should not alarm us, and we don’t need to be surprised about it.  It will always be this way, at least in this age…..  After we enter into the obedience that God is directing us into, and we are established in it, then we can see that it really wasn’t cost, when compared to what God has added to us.  We should also realize that the higher the level of obedience, the greater the cost can appear, and the longer it may take to see the fruit.

I want to ask you to do something now.  Ask God what He wants you to do.  He will tell you, though the larger direction may take more seeking.  A casual approach to life is costly.  We must seek the Lord and His will intently.  But God wants you to know His will, and if you approach it seriously, He will communicate His will to you.  The scriptures are clear about this fact. Continue reading “Preparing for the Days Ahead”

Principles of War


The nine Principles of War, as defined in the Army Field Manual FM-3 Military Operations:

MassConcentrate combat power at the decisive place and time
ObjectiveDirect every military operation towards a clearly defined, decisive, and attainable objective
OffensiveSeize, retain, and exploit the initiative
SurpriseStrike the enemy at a time, at a place, or in a manner for which he is unprepared
Economy of forceAllocate minimum essential combat power to secondary efforts
ManeuverPlace the enemy in a position of disadvantage through the flexible application of combat power
Unity of commandFor every objective, ensure unity of effort under one responsible commander
SecurityNever permit the enemy to acquire an unexpected advantage
SimplicityPrepare clear, uncomplicated plans and clear, concise orders to ensure thorough understanding