Quick After Trip Report – Mexico Spring 2019

Part of group jumps in back of the flatbed for a quick tour around the hacienda…

We had a really solid team and group at La Quemada, and we are really blessed by the growing friendships and deepening of “hermandad” that the Lord is doing there.  The leadership event was “retreat style”, so we had plenty of time to spend with each other and meetings were sort of not the main focus.  In this theme, we headed out to San Miguel one morning after breakfast, and had a great time strolling the city and experiencing the culture, which was awesome for all, and likely mind-blowing for those who were traveling for the first or second time to Mexico.  A mi gusta San Miguel!  Que Bonito! Not to mention they have churros among the best you will find anywhere!

This guy!

Felipe, my friend from southern Brazil, joined us there – the trip from his home was a lot longer than everyone else – and I am sure the Lord met his investment with a big return.  It was great to see him, be with him, and hear about his family and life in Brazil.  It has been 10 years since we were together, and Mexico was a fitting rendezvous, seeing we were there together in 2009.  This guy brings joy to all he comes in contact with, and has a huge leadership calling on his life.  I am grateful to be a small part of what God is doing in his life, and, don’t miss it, we are planning a trip to visit Felipe and other friends in Brazil in 2021.  Sounds cool, right?

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War, coming soon to a coast near you…..

trumpsWar is now, and greater war is coming. Many cannot see it. The war that comes will push out all the middle ground. There will be very little DMZ, and what demilitarized area there is will not be fixed ground. These battles, as with all, will have there ebbs and tides, but the time will come when there will be no place to hide from the battle that now seems so far away to many. How will we prepare ourselves?  We can look around to witness what is considered by many to be very turbulent times. This shaking is minimal.

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Monterrey and El Carmen

Really great times with Greg and Jan in Northern Mexico…. also, we squeezed in a trip Matamoros somehow. We were busy in the streets, the bible school and with friends, but it was really a blessing.

Greg Milsaps and Elias in Matamoros

This was my second time to Northern Mexico since I was 17 years old (1st return was Piedras Negras 2004), and my first time to Monterrey. It is really a nice city (not to mention dangerous!) and I will definitely be planning to go back. We are talking about conquering a nearby mountain that dealt Greg some misery last time he climbed it… sounds like fun (sort of)!

Click on Greg’s name or his photo to view his FB Profile. He is an awesome missionary to Latin America.

Click on the photo below for more photos with comments from our time together.

2nd half of Mexico Trip - Feb 2010
2nd half of Mexico Trip - Feb 2010

It’s Time…. to Surrender (from Puebla, Mexico)

the great day of the feast...
the great day of the feast...

Es Tiempo de Entregarse was the theme of the conference here in Puebla, which lies in sight of an active volcano. It was snow-capped but puffing smoke in our view, as the conference momentum grew and overflowed.

Internet connectivity here has been a challenge, so I apologize for no updates before now.

Photo here was of the last meeting, which, like the sum of our time here, was beyond expectations. More photos on this FB album:

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