Mexico 2012

An Update from the Eiflers

After we arrived in Mexico City the Lord’s grace was abundant in that my purse that was left in the airport and was later retrieved, along with one of my bags that came on a different plane. We stayed with a beautiful Mexican family that gave us amazing hospitality. We walked around the city and we prayed in the Mexico City Center and were able to bring a financial blessing to an amazingly generous family.  The Lord gave us words for the different members of the family. We also visited a missionary outside D.F. and encouraged him as well.  Read more here


Slideshow from the trip to Mexico with some of the scenes and people we were with.  Hope you enjoy it.


Here in Cuernavaca

07July2012 – Oaxaca Update, In Puebla Now

Had a great time in Oaxaca with Marcos Hernandez and his group in the REMOTE mountains – Chalcatongo.  Road was long, but the time with them was rewarding, and it had been three years since I had seen them.  I need to make it back to see them once a year.  Met some great brothers and sisters.  Roads were “muy feo” according to Marcos, literally very ugly.  It was well worth the trip.

From there we headed out to Oaxaca City to join up with a comrade in arms, Raco Sibaja.  For some years he traveled with me when I came to Mexico.  Now he is a family man, with a wife and 8 month old daughter.  We grow.  Beyond awesome to be with them, and to work with them on the conference we did there in Oaxaca Dorado Hotel.  Will put some photos up on Facebook when I can.

Now we are in Puebla, and this morning we spent a good amount of time with the kids at Esperanza Viva Youth Home.  We did a ball slam workout, and they had never seen a medicine ball before.  It was really a lot of fun.  Tonight – Los Molotes.  For all who have been there, no more words are needed.  For those who haven’t, get there.

We are jumping in tomorrow here with the church meeting and a Youth Conference with the same host ministry.  Going to be a blessing to so many of the guys here again.  So far, I have only seen about half of the folks from here.

Please keep us in your prayers.  We are headed to Cuernavaca on Monday and then to the border on Wednesday.  Our time here is winding down……

03July2012 – On the way to Oaxaca – from Ita Hernandez


Vivir una vida normal? O vivir por tu destino?

La intensidad y pasion para vivir cada minuto de tu vida cuenta!!!

Sal de tu rutina y experimenta algo nuevo, deja una huella en el mas necesitado, se la luz que alguien mas esta buscando, se la esperanza, se el medio por el cual fluya el amor del Eterno a su amada creacion.

Hacer lo que fuiste llamado a ser, no solo vivir una vida normal, nos lleva a salir de la comodidad, salir de nuestros moldes. Pero cuando decides ir un paso mas alla de tu entorno, entonces eres la herramienta perfecta en manos del Maestro.

Soy Ita, deseo ser un conducto del amor Eterno.


Living a normal life? Or live your destiny?

The intensity and passion for living every minute of your life counts!

Get out of your routine and experience something new, it leaves a mark on the most needy, the light that someone else is looking, they hope, is the medium through which flows the love of the Lord to his beloved creation.

Make what you were called to be, not just live a normal life, takes us out of comfort, out of our molds. But when you decide to go a step further in your environment, then you are the perfect tool in the hands of the Master.

I am Ita, and I want to be a conduit of love eternal.


Update from Jon Mackey


Latest info from the border


Striking out tomorrow in the morning for the border.  Prayers accepted.  Don’t want to let the perceived threat distract from what the Lord wants to do.  Help us keep our eyes on the prize Lord!

On the lead up……  17June2012

Team has gelled, tho we may pick up a few others in country.  Conference call with team this week.  Trying to put the finishing touches on the prep.  Driving to Texas at the end of the week, and then on next Monday to the border, and into the fray.  Border where I will be crossing has been very unstable over time, but at this moment, is less unstable.  It is on my mind, but not overwhelming.

We will be all over the country – Matamoros, Monterrey, Mexico City, Oaxaca, Puebla, Cuernavaca – all of which are in different states, with different friends in each….  We want to be a force of encouragement and blessing to all we touch, to all who touch us.

Keep us in prayer, as I know this trip is important, but all the ways it is important I don’t yet know.

I am aware of our need for grace and favor from God.  In some ways, tho I have been in Mexico many, many times, this is the first trip of this kind I have done.  I have always wanted to drive to and thru Mexico, but haven’t before now.  There are many things I don’t know about this.  I guess that is okay, because you can’t trust in your own knowledge if you don’t have it.  🙂

Any meaningful work is often opposed, so I don’t think we will pass this time thru without opposition.  Give us wisdom and grace Lord, as I know we are in need.  Help us to focus on what is important, Your people.  Make us faithful to Your call to bless and help them, as much as we can.

Here is where the updates will be once we get on the ground.   Blessings, and thanks for the prayers.

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