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Jairo and I are wrapping up our time here in Matagalpa tonight, pushing off in the morning farther north, to Jinotega.  I hear this is the highest place in Nicaragua.  It will be my first time to be there.

Matagalpa from balcony of the Hotel Castillo

We have had a great time visiting families, in prayers, worship and prophecy, the company of friends and good food.  If it sounds heavenly, that's because it has been.  I am very thankful for the Lord's work that He is faithfully pursuing in His people, and I am happy to join Him in His efforts.

As always, the hospitality of the Torrez family is legendary.  With the addition of Adrian to the family, now there are two houses that are welcoming beyond words.  I appreciate the kindness of Jesus expressed in such people.  Their friendship is a treasure.  We also got to spend some additional time with an emerging young leader or two around town.

Please pray for us to finish strong, as our travels take us south on Wednesday to the airport, and me back to Arlington.  It's been such a blessing so far, and we want to make the most of the time we have left.  I can feel it quickly passing by now.

Blessings and love,



Last night we had an after conference party at LaRoca in Jinotepe, in the department of Carazo, Nicaragua, and this has become a recurring feature from year to year.  I am thankful for it.


Ulysses, the pastor of youth, is a really incredible brother and friend, and we have been privileged to enjoy God’s abundance together from each year.  Uli is a busy man, managing the progress that LaRoca has gained over the past several years.  They are carrying an endowment of God’s grace that has gotten the attention of the nation and many from other nations as well.  We had a chance to sit down with Uli after the meeting and talk about it a little.  It was really great to have the time with him, and I look really forward to some time together again soon.  I am determined to spend and be spent for Uli, his tribe, and LaRoca in Jinotepe.

Afterward the team (I'll update you as to the team that assembled spontaneously a little later) pushed off and headed north to Dario in the department of Matagalpa, arriving at 2am.  Was a long and fruitful day, and your prayers hit their target with force!  Please keep us in prayer for the downhill side of the trip.

Blessings and grace to you,




Yesterday was day two of the youth event.  Was a great time.  If you think you are still young, hang out with people half your age!  They will keep you young or put you in an old folks home.  I'm taking the first option.

We had a solid lineup of speakers from around the country of Nicaragua, as well as from Mexico and Costa Rica.  I was really thankful to see the youth getting an opportunity to receive from such powerful messengers.

It was great to see friends who had been detained from making it earlier.  Pictured here is a young man named Joe with a huge destiny!  Pray for him and for the future the Lord has prepared for him.

We heard from Timmy Ost, center bottom photo, and this guy has “got the bead” on young people.  He knows his target.  It was a real blessing.  Click on his name and check out his page.  It'll blow you away.  The song that intro's the site – Mi Promesa – My Promise –  is a free download in English and Spanish at this link.

Today is going to be a big day.  We close out the youth event (with tears from many, I am sure) and go to the after-party at LaRoca in Jinotepe.  Huge anticipation for this time with Ulysses and his tribe!  Pray for our time together please.   We have high hopes and expect the Lord's goodness to be deep enough to swim in.

The meeting in Jinotepe will be the conclusion of the time in this part of Nicaragua, in Managua, Masatepe, and surrounding areas.  We head north to the district of Matagalpa for reunion with friends new and old.  The availability of internet access daily may not persist, but I will write as often as I can.  Keep us in your prayers.




erick Last night was the first night of the Identidad Youth Congress, and we had a solid start.  Please join me in prayer that everyone who should be here gets here.  It has been great to be able to reconnect with so many from past years, but I also find myself looking around for ones that I can't find.  There is a lot going on in Nicaragua this weekend, with a nationwide Catholic celebration today, school graduations, and the like.  Is there ever a perfect time to do something?  Probably, you just have to pick something and go with it, and plan to find the people you must see while you are close by.  Some people I will search out.


Pastor Victor Benitez and Ariel Garra from Costa Rica kicked us off yesterday and they are great speakers.  While Ariel was speaking the Lord did something in my heart.  I don't know the total scope of impact, but it was really good, and I'll have to more to say about this as I understand it more.  The faithful God, faithful to a thousand generations, is also faithful to you (and me), and He will complete what He started in You.  That's good news, since the opposition is determined! 🙂

arielmeI'm feeling like I got free from something I didn't know was holding me back or got something added to me that is giving me a renewed perspective.  Thank you Lord!

Today we will have a big day of the conference, and a shorter day tomorrow.

Please pray that the hearts of the young people will be touched and strengthened individually, and that callings will be revealed, confirmed, and empowered.  I think we are off to a good start, but we hope that our momentum continues to build to a point that the impact of this time of dedication springs each one forward in their life in God.  Please agree with us in prayer!

Grace abounds!




Made it safe and was received into the company of friends. Thanks for prayers. I have fruit that you know not of! To drink! Great to be back in Central America!


4Dec2012 0640am

Sitting at the gate at DFW, waiting to board….. in Managua this afternoon.  Prayers appreciated, and updates will be made on this page as opportunity permits.


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