BroCarolina Lead Up Info

1April2021 / One Week Out (Scroll down for all updates)

Hey brothers. Getting close now. I can feel the anticipation and have gotten a chance to communicate a little with some of you as you have passed your travel plans. Thanks for that. Just a few things to mention here:

  1. If you need help on getting to the location, pls let us know. Again, Meetup is at this address: 648 N. Highland Ave, Mill Spring, NC 28756 – Here is a google map link, as well.
  2. We will be putting folks in teams with an indicating color based on the house you are staying in. Remember that early tip about registering early, and early registrants get the better spots? That may come into full view here, haha.
  3. House Rules – no matter which house you are in. There will be a wide variety of backgrounds and persuasions among us. RESPECT TO ALL. That's the rule. A good way to show that is to try to listen (and understand) twice as much as you speak (and attempt to be understood). Remember the reason why God gave you two ears and one mouth….
  4. For those of you who will be coming to your first BroSummit, we will be assigning a house captain who has been before, so if you have questions at any time during the event, you'll have someone to go to. Go Green Team!

Event starts Thursday April 8 at evening meal. Try not to get there before 5pm. Last official event is Sunday breakfast, and then we will head out. Keep in mind some will be there for part, some for all.

Greatly looking forward to being together. Blessings and grace on you, and Good Friday / Easter Weekend ahead!



Greetings! Greatly looking forward to being together with you brothers and the Lord, very soon!

Here are some things we need to know for logistics, individually.

  1. Are you flying or driving? (Flying, pls send itinerary to
  2. Are you traveling alone?
  3. Do you have room for someone to ride with?

If arriving on Thursday, pls plan your arrival time on or after 5pm. All other days, just let us know so we can be watching for you.

Address for meetup point is 648 N. Highland Ave, Mill Spring, NC 28756

We will be texting and emailing everyone with incremental updates and requests as we get closer.

Obviously, we pray everyone is enduring the resistance that comes with doing anything significant. Pray for each other for this, as well. For those who want to participate, we are doing a fast for the event between April 1st and 3rd.

Also, if you become exposed to COVID in the two weeks leading up, don't come and expose the group.