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It is hard to describe my trip to Mexico. I fell in love with Mexico, is the simplest way I can think of to describe it. I adored the culture and the people I met. Some back story—I really was not looking forward to my trip to Mexico. I tried to think of reasons not to go and never really had a good excuse, so I went. I actually had quite a bit of anxiety about this trip. However, once I was actually in Mexico, that anxiety left. During the first two days we were in Mexico, I was walking around and I would see people that I thought I recognized. For instance, I would see my sister or my best friend and then I would realize that was impossible because they weren’t on the trip with me.

This happened about 10 to 15 times and I felt like later, God told me that this was confirmation that I was supposed to be in Mexico and this was His plan for me all along. My favorite part of the trip was our visit to El Refugio. I wasn’t sure what to expect before we arrived. I knew it was a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, off the grid, where mostly men lived. Once we arrived at El Refugio, I adored it and realized that this place was the reason that I came on this trip. The presence of God is intense on this mountain. I heard several times, during my stay, that there were open heavens at El Refugio and I truly believe and felt it. Before the trip, I was having some issues with feeling alone. I didn’t feel lonely, I just felt completely alone in the world. While at El Refugio, I would sit for hours on this ledge, by myself, looking over the mountain, and just pour my heart out to Jesus, worship him, repenting to him, loving him and asking him for healing. I felt refreshed every single day, even with the lack of sleep and uncomfortable living arrangements. There is a lot of healing to be had at El Refugio and I believe that God worked some issues I had out of me while at El Refugio and I also believe that He gave me some goals to meet in order to continue walking the path He has made for me.

As I was saying goodbye to Ela, she hugged me and said, You are NOT alone. How powerful was that!? One of the very issues I was only talking to God about and Ela confirmed that God was listening, He heard me and wanted to heal me of that feeling. I was meant to go on this trip at this very moment in time and I am absolutely amazed with Him. I have a deeper relationship with Jesus now and I love and appreciate Him more than ever.



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The trip to Mexico was awesome! It was my first time to travel to Mexico, so I wasn't really sure what to expect. Everything I had seen in the media portrayed Mexico as unsafe and kinda wild, but when I got there it was quite the opposite. It was very beautiful and the people were very friendly. I loved every second of it. One of my favorite parts of the trips was going to El Refugio. The people there were just awesome and you just felt loved when hanging out and worshipping and working with everyone. While there, The Lord really confirmed in me and strengthened my faith in the destiny that He has for me. He spoke to me in a way I wasn't expecting either, it was just through working and talking with the guys in the mountain. The Lord just kept working on my heart. This was definitely a good trip and I do plan to return to Mexico.


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