How to summarize 19 days in Mexico?..

When things are happening it's hard to have time to write them down, and when time is available, memory has often suffered it's initial rounds of loss. Fortunately, I made some notes while still on the ground. Now the challenge will become what to leave out, as there is too much to possibly write in a space that is likely to get read. With this in mind, I will be writing weekly installments, which will be linked below.

One – Arrival, Initial Travel, and Oaxaca (click the link)


Two – Puebla & La Vina Ministry School (click the link)


(Coming Soon)

Three – La Malenche Climb & Nations Church

Four – Cuernavaca & VenPronto House of Prayer

Five – Mexico City

Six – Es Tiempo Conference

Blessings and grace to you!

Scott McClelland

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