Profiles in Leadership Kickoff – LM0171

Kick Off of the “Profiles in Leadership” Series straight ahead. We have been working on this content and prep for some time and we are happy to be bringing it to you now. We will have some experienced leaders sitting in to help us examine those who were peaks of leadership in the mountain range of history. You will be equipped, challenged, possibly checked up, but certainly encouraged in your pursuit of becoming a more effective leader.

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Elizabeth Braswell, A Leader Among Leaders, Part 1 – LM0169

Elizabeth Braswell, a leader among leaders, joins us for two episodes to share from the busy place that is her mind! Missions, family, ladies ministry, and life, from a mountain hamlet in the Brushy Mountains of North Carolina.

Sound interesting? It is.

Get an introduction to E’s concept of leadership here, and I am sure you will want to get to know them more at

D’Anthony Smith & Leadership from a Fitness Professional – LM0168

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a competitive athlete? Or fitness pro? Do guys turn everything into a competition? D’Anthony trains a growing number of regular (read sedentary) people from f*t to fit!

How does he see leadership?

Though young, he has learned and experienced much on the long and short of leadership, including mental health and discipline. What role does structure play? Jump in.

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