Creation Awaits


Is the waiting of the creation mentioned in Romans going to continue until our Lord's return?  I think maybe so. Why?  Because when we see Him, we will be like Him. Will we be manifested for who we really are in this time when we have no certain dwelling place?  We need to work to sort this out, and understand it fully.

A good bit of the teaching about us receiving our inheritance in this life focuses on our gain, our importance, our fulfillment. Who will dare, in the midst of our culture of indulgence, dare to live like Jesus? Continue reading “Creation Awaits”

Feeling Something…

This morning I am feeling something, not sure how to describe it.storms ahead.....

I saw photos of a young man I know on facebook, and looked thru what was available of him there since it has been a long time. While there is no way to know from such a random and spotty glance how he is really doing, it seems he is not continuing on with Jesus.

I remember him; crazy, adventurous, and young …  that seems to be continuing.

As I look at these photos I think of the generation of what is emerging; unfettered with responsibilities, wild, and pleasure focused. I get the feeling that paths are diverging farther – the general path of life and the path of the Lord.

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