A Problem with Organization

IMG00013-20091011-1843In our times, a good bit of what we are doing comes from our ability to organize, and how people have been trained to follow this approach.

Man's ability to organize is part of his problem.  Remember the tower of Babel?

Organization in itself is not a bad thing, as it is helpful.

However, much of what we are accomplishing through our organization perhaps shouldn't be done in the first place.

We may also be losing sight of the way of the Lord, Jesus, through our pursuit of accomplishment, efficiency, and other things that human organization promises us.

Let's keep in mind the scriptures that are clear when they say that it is a dreadful thing to organize (make a covenant) that is not from the Lord's leadership (not of My Spirit).

For more on this have a look Isaiah 30:1-3.

liberate us

IMG00353-20090614-1725Lord liberate us, Your Church, from the officiate / spectate model of ministry! It has died, through a slow and painful death process.

should we use our limited time and resource to defend the past, or build the future?
preparing the way of the Lord is a work that uses the current time to invest in that which is yet to come….
now, it doesn't seem to me that most, or even many people are sitting around devising ways to defend the past, as keepers of this form as sacrosanct
rather, it seems that as these are the ways we have been taught, we have learned, and that these models of ministry in that they are the form of ministry that are being modeled(almost without rival!). Continue reading “liberate us”

Thoughts on the King and His Kingdom

We are translated from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of the Beloved Son when we come to faith in Jesus. Instantly, we are citizens of the heavenly kingdom, and have become strangers and foreigners in the earth.  Before this, we were citizens of the age, and trapped in the kingdom of darkness.  Believing, you become a citizen of God's domain, positioned behind enemy lines.  We walk in faith that does not originate in the natural realm while awaiting the invading force led by the rightful ruler of this world, Jesus Christ, to come and dispossess the trespassing regime from their entrenched position in the earth. Continue reading “Thoughts on the King and His Kingdom”